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Author: Cat Silverman

Carter Hutton’s Winter Classic mask is a home run

Carter Hutton is new to the St. Louis Blues – but he’s jumping right into his new team with his Winter Classic mask for the upcoming outdoor game. Designed and airbrushed by Jesse Acciacca of Jesse’s Custom Designs (Hutton’s long-time mask artist), the mask is transformed into a baseball with intricate ‘stitching’ painted onto the body of the mask. Surrounding the mask on each side is a montage of legends for the St. Louis Cardinals, as the mask pays tribute to the city’s iconic baseball team. The backplate completes the theme with all of St. Louis’ championship years. From Yadier Molina...

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Jaroslav Halak waived by New York Islanders

Things between the New York Islanders and veteran starting netminder Jaroslav Halak have been tense since earlier this season, when Halak’s agent took to Twitter to publicly complain about the team’s three-goaltender system. At the time of the complaints, it was reported that the Islanders decided to publicly shop Halak around the NHL. With his high cap hit, though, it didn’t seem that there were any buyers. As a result, it looks like the team is giving him up for free. It was confirmed on Friday morning that Halak, who has a 6-8-5 record and a .904 save percentage...

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Ins and Outs of Rangers Superb Backup Antti Raanta

InGoal File Photos by Buren Foster Antti Raanta is what Pekka Rinne would be if he played ten feet farther back. It sounds ridiculous, right? Take away his aggressive depth, and you’ve taken away Pekka Rinne. It may not be a ten-foot difference, but there’s a decided variance in how far out the two Finnish netminders play – and doesn’t that separate them more than anything else? Looking closer, though, Raanta shared a number of Rinne’s smaller, subtle idiosyncrasies in net. He’s got an active glove hand, catching and covering the puck whenever he’s able. He’s also got a...

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Jimmy Howard leaves Red Wings shorthanded for ‘a while’

Last season, it looked like former Detroit Red Wings starting netminder Jimmy Howard was becoming expendable. He finished the 2015-16 campaign playing second fiddle to the younger Petr Mrazek, who had some of the best numbers around the league before fatigue slowed him down a bit. He still finished the year ahead of Howard, who was a disappointing 14-14-5 and boasted just a .906 save percentage – and it was assumed that he’d become the clearer number one by this season. He’s been struggling through his first 20 games, though, to the tune of a .899 save percentage. Howard,...

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Jonathan Quick leaves Kings shorthanded until March

“Out indefinitely” was the initial prognosis for goaltender Jonathan Quick. Optimistic fans knew this could mean a return in December for the netminder who went down in the team’s first game of the season. More grim-minded supporters were eerily reminded of the Carey Price saga just last season. What started out as an ‘indefinite’ rehab with hopes of a mid-season return saw the Montreal starter sit out the entire remainder of the season, after going down in late October. He didn’t make a return to the crease until September, when he stood in net for Team Canada at the...

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