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Author: David Hutchison

Questions from Kids to the Pros – Braden Holtby

After a fantastic start with our new series where we take questions from young InGoal readers to the pros with Carey Price as our first Pro, today we bring you questions with another Vezina Trophy winner, Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals. Holtby answers a selection of questions from our young reporter Matthew Hutchison that readers submitted and we took to Holtby while he was training in Kelowna, BC ahead of the 2017-18 season. We took questions about his favourite goalie as a kid, when he started playing, his funniest teammate and good locker room pranks, what’s on his...

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Insider Trading

Shooters/Goalies collaborate in skills camp designed to give them each a significant advantage next season.   It started as a conversation between goaltending coach Eli Wilson and skills coach Darryl Belfry. Wilson is the former NHL and WHL goaltending coach who works privately with a number of professionals and juniors and runs successful schools for goalies across North America. Belfry is a skills consultant to an NHL team as well as a number of NHL stars in the off season, sought out by players to learn the skills that separate them from their peers. Together they found exciting common...

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Are Your Eyes Ready? The Ideal Visual Warmup for Goaltenders

In the May issue of InGoal Magazine we published VisionQuest, an in-depth look at the importance of training the visual system. For the article, InGoal spoke with several pros, including Braden Holtby whose pre-game visual routine is becoming the stuff of legend. One of our leading resources in the article was Josh Tucker of TrueFocus Vision Training (formerly, Envision Sports) who is quickly becoming a leader in vision training for goaltenders. Tucker works with a growing stable of pros today who want to be sure they leave no stone unturned in their quest to be the best in the world at their...

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Eli Wilson Exclusive MEGA Camp

Eli Wilson has been dribbling out hints about something new they will be releasing on Saturday, Feb. 4. So far, the most exciting looks to be a MEGA Camp, as they are calling it. You can visit their new site now but for details, it looks like we’ll be waiting until...

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