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Author: Greg Balloch

How Your Cage Could Be Hindering Your Vision

For Canadian goaltenders, or those simply wishing for a safer cage option, CSA-approved masks are commonplace around the game of hockey these days. The cat-eye cage doesn’t become available for a lot of goalies until they reach a certain age – or at all in Canada until you reach the professional ranks. Cat-eye cages offer superior visibility, but are not allowed to be sold in Canada due to the fact that the blade of a stick can fit through the eye holes. “Junior” cages, as they are often referred to, have extra bars to increase safety. There are also...

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Colgate’s Colton Point In The Mix For 2018 World Juniors

With the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championships approaching quickly, speculation about the roster makeup of each team has been spreading wildly. For Team Canada, there is no bigger spotlight than in goal – where the debate about who should be included in the lineup grows each and every year. One name that has been thrown around recently is Colgate University’s Colton Point, who hails from North Bay, Ontario. Point had a positive freshman year in 2016-17, but missed a big chunk of time with an unfortunate case of mononucleosis. Now in his sophomore season, he’s already appeared in more...

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Six Saves – October 4th, 2017: Mike Smith’s Mask Saves The Day

The return of NHL hockey means one thing to us here at InGoal Magazine: The return of incredible saves! There’s no better way to celebrate than to go through a countdown each and every night of the best from around the league, and that’s exactly what Six Saves intends to accomplish. Mike Smith may have been beaten two times by McDavid, but he was hung out to dry by his defence quite often. So much so, he finished with a whopping 42 saves on the night. He also owes his mask for saving his life, as his best save...

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