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Author: Greg Balloch

Ben Bishop’s Tale of Two Seasons in Tampa Bay

It was an incredible season for Ben Bishop, despite the sour ending of being injured and unable to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He set career highs in every single major category, while almost tripling his previous high for most games played. Even though he is still a young 27 year old, playing 63 games in a season when you are only used to 20-25 can take a toll on your body. Bishop saw a considerable drop off in his second-half play. His season finally came to an end due a dislocated left elbow, but it was a...

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Reverse-VH: Common Issues and Proper Execution

Like any technique, there are a number of issues that arise while using Reverse-VH that coaches and students need to be aware of. They sometimes get labelled as issues with the technique itself, but are really just common mistakes in the proper execution of the move.

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Trade Bait: NHL Goalies Potentially on the Move

The March 5th trade deadline is quickly sneaking up on NHL executives and hockey fans. Although trade activity has been down in recent seasons, there are always a few surprises leading up to the deadline and in the final minutes. Although some of the moves can be predicted, a lot of the time they are completely unexpected. Last season, quite a few notable goalies changed teams around the deadline. Reto Berra’s rights were traded to Calgary from St. Louis. He ended up signing with the Flames and made the jump to North America this season. Ben Bishop was dealt...

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GSAA: An Essential Statistic For Evaluating Goaltenders

Advanced statistical knowledge in sports has increased rapidly in the last two decades. Hockey has been a step behind most other sports, but is starting to catch up with the rise of possession statistics such as the wildly popular “Corsi” percentage. The sheer volume of information that is collected now can be enough to make your head spin, but a lot of it is extremely valuable when it comes to evaluating individual performance. When it comes to evaluating a goaltender, three statistics in particular have been looked at throughout most of history. Those three stats are wins, goals against...

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Carter Hart goes with a simple red and white @ccmgoalie Team Canada set up on opening day of world junior training camp

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