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Author: Kevin Woodley

Part 2: Get out of a ‘goalie-school goalie’ mindset

Carter Hutton leads the NHL with a .944 save percentage, earning an increased share of starts with the St. Louis Blues in 2018, but it’s the lessons learned during five seasons spent mostly in the backup role that resonated with his puck-stopping peers at all levels. Fellow NHL goalies have approached Hutton during pre-game stretching to share appreciation for some of the lessons Hutton shared in Part 1 of this Pro Tips series, which ended with the 32-year-old talking about the need to “get away from these controlled environments.” So, what did Hutton mean by that? Sometimes it’s important...

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Part 1: Not Playing Lots No Excuse for Not Playing Well

Carter Hutton Pro Tips: Not Playing Lots No Excuse for Not Playing Well Carter Hutton has one of the hardest jobs in professional sports: backup goalie. While most recognize the difficulty that comes with trying to stay on top of your game when you aren’t playing often, of trying not to worry about a bad performance when there’s a good chance you’ll have to dwell on it for a week or more before you get a chance to redeem yourself, Hutton has little time for the woe-is-me whining often associated with the job. The St. Louis Blues stopper doesn’t...

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Changes inside and out Vasilevskiy’s new color-change mask

Andrei Vasilevskiy will have a new color-change mask in time for his first NHL All-Star Game, but you’ll have to look closely to find the differences, inside and out, from his old one. Vasilevskiy asked his painter, Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush, to continue the themes of his masks from past seasons, featuring a mixture of palm trees and lightning bolts, an electrically charged lion as the primary image on the forehead and top, and a mixture of symbols from his native Russia. “We added more details to the lion, Russian emblem and around the Bolts name,” Marsolais said. “The...

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Carey Price talks skate, stance and pad changes

Montreal Canadiens star Carey Price caught the attention of the goaltending world when he returned from injury in late November wearing his familiar Graf cowlings underneath his custom-made VH Footwear boot instead of the Bauer Vertexx Edge holder that he started the season with. It marked the second straight season Price switched from a taller, player-style holder back to the old-school Graf cowling. Don’t expect to see him in anything else anytime soon – maybe ever. “I don’t think I will ever try anything else again for the rest of my career,” Price told InGoal Magazine. “I just feel...

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Blackhawks Glass talks about path, keys to winning NHL debut at 32

On the eve of winning his NHL debut at the age of 32 on Friday, Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Jeff Glass confidently told InGoal Magazine that he has never felt better about his game. As for the reason why, look no further than the change in how NHL organizations approach the position compared to when Glass made his professional debut in the Ottawa Senators system way back in 2005-06. Glass was fresh off winning a gold medal with Canada at the World Junior Championships and being named the Western Hockey League and Canadian Hockey League Goaltender of the Year in...

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