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Author: Kevin Woodley

Interview with a Monster: Jonas Gustavsson Ask A Pro

As most InGoal Magazine readers already know, Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Jonas Gustavsson underwent a heart ablation late last week, a minor operation to steady an irregular heart rhythm that was discovered when his heart began racing during pre-training camp workouts before his last season, his first in the NHL. It’s the third time Gustavsson has needed the heart procedure, which involves guiding, via x-ray, a thin catheter tube to the heart muscle and using bursts of radio-frequency energy to destroy small areas of tissue that are causing the abnormal electrical signals that set his heart racing in the first place. Amazingly, it should only keep him off the ice for a week. Unfortunately, it kept him from an American Hockey League road trip with the Toronto Marlies, and away from a scheduled chat with InGoal readers. The good news is InGoal had an earlier opportunity to sit down with the Swedish stopper during a recent visit with the Maple Leafs, and while it doesn’t allow us to pose the many excellent questions from subscribers to our FREE weekly newsletter as planned, it does provide a great deal of insight into the massive changes he is making in his game, and perhaps explain why it hasn’t always been a smooth transition from dominating in his native Elite League to playing in the National Hockey League. For the most part...

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