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Author: Kevin Woodley

Luongo steps out Brodeur’s shadow with Olympic gold

Roberto Luongo waited his entire career for a chance to step out of the Martin Brodeur’s shadow, between the pipes and into a championship-game spotlight. He finally got that opportunity on the Olympic stage, playing in his hometown NHL arena with local fans loudly screaming “Luuu” every time he touched the puck and an entire country holding its breath with every save he made. Luongo took over Canada’s crease after Brodeur struggled in a 5-3 loss to the U.S. in the final preliminary game. And with national pride on the line, he won four-straight elimination games, putting the exclamation point on a gold medal with 34 saves in a memorable 3-2 overtime victory over the U.S. on Sunday. “You work your whole life for a moment like this and it’s great to get rewarded,” Luongo told inGoal after speaking to the rest of the media, his voice cracking as he fought back tears. “There are so many thoughts going through my head, thinking about so many people that helped me out along the way.” None of those thoughts were of the many that questioned his ability to win a big game. The answer was hanging from his neck Sunday. “I’ll leave it up to you guys to be the judge of that,” Luongo said when asked what the win meant for his legacy. “But I got a gold medal...

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Olympic Final Post-Game Interviews with Roberto Luongo and Ryan Miller

See Kevin’s latest story on the game, just published this morning. Check out our pre-game interviews with Roberto and Ryan as well. Roberto Luongo An obviously emotional Roberto Luongo was fighting back tears as he spoke with inGoal’s Kevin Woodley after the Gold Medal Game. inGoal: How does it feel to be an Olympic Champion? “it’s unreal. You work your whole life for a moment like this and it’s great to get rewarded.” inGoal: What happened with the Pavelski shot in overtime? “He got the puck in the slot and I knew he was going to shoot it right away by the spin-o-rama move he made. I was able to get an elbow on it and it stayed in front of me and kept the play going.” “it’s unreal. You work your whole life for a moment like this and it’s great to get rewarded.” inGoal: This was your first chance to be the go to guy on such a big stage? “Right now there is so many thoughts going through my head, and thinking about so many people that helped me out along the way and it’s just a great feeling.” inGoal: What did you think of Ryan Miller’s performance? “He played unreal, he’s been playing unreal all year, giving his team a chance to win every night and as a goaltender that’s what you have to do.” inGoal: What now? “I...

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Canada’s and Luongo’s Olympics saved by IIHF-mandated equipment change

See also – inGoal interviews with Roberto Luongo and Ryan Miller Luongo’s Interpretation of IIHF Rulebook may have resulted in game-saving stop on Demitra Roberto Luongo’s sprawling glove stab off Slovakia’s Pavol Demitra on Friday night may yet go down as the stop of the Olympics for Canada, a game-saving act of desperation that left an entire nation holding its breath and put them into the gold-medal game. As nice as Luongo’s save was – a mirror image of the egregiously soft sharp-angle goal that made it necessary – it came with an unlikely assist. Turns out Luongo might not have made the stop, and Canada might not be playing for gold, if not for an odd International Ice Hockey Federation equipment rule that forced him to swap out his usual Reebok glove for an earlier model. Only his puck-stopping peers may have noticed this, but Luongo has switched from the Reebok P3 glove he wears with the Canucks to a P2 with Team Canada. When inGoal magazine asked Luongo about the switch after practice Saturday, he said it was because IIHF rules mandated a separate cuff on the glove, which the new one-piece P3 does not have. And while a review of the IIHF rulebook didn’t make that clear beyond showing a picture of a cuffed glove – after all the pads they showed were from the late-90s...

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Roberto Luongo Interview before the Olympic Gold Medal Game

What about the early start? “It’s an early start so it’s a bit different, I’m going to get up early have a nice breakfast and pretty much head to the rink right away. Not much time to sit on it, so that’s a good thing. Get to the rink early and start preparing. Making sure, once the puck drops I’m ready to go.” Will you see your wife? “Not tomorrow morning for sure. Probably after. In a moment like this, it’s such a big opportunity you have to make sure your intentions are on the game and you’re fully focused.” Have you thought about that last save Friday night on Pavol Demitra? “Yeah, the fact that it’s Demo makes it so much better. I can’t wait to see him on Tuesday (laughing). It was great, it is for moments like that you play the game. When you’re a kid in the streets you play for moments like that. You try to imitate those moments and I’m happy something like that happened. Why were you laughing with Demitra at the handshake? “That’s the whole thing. I didn’t know it was him. That was my reaction when he told me he was the guy who shot that puck. I was kind of surprised and that’s why we started laughing there.” What are your thoughts on facing a sizzling Ryan Miller? “He’s...

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Ryan Miller Interview before the Olympic Gold Medal Game

Ryan Miller caught the same flight to Vancouver with his Buffalo Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff, and even bought him a McDonald’s sausage ‘n egg mcmuffin at the airport. But the friendliness ended there. “I told him that was the last favor I was going to do him,” Miller said. True to his word, he was the difference in the preliminary round as he stopped 42 shots en route to a 5-3 win over Ruff’s Team Canada. He’ll need to be on top of his game once again to lead the U.S. to gold in the final against Canada. Here are the rest of Miller’s thoughts on the day before facing Canada for gold: You grew up and now live near the border, so do you know more about rivalry? “All the guys in the U.S. room, we’ve all been there, we’ve all played in Canada. I remember as a kid going into tournaments and you are 11, 12, 13 years old and (pauses to laugh) you got the Canadian parents yelling at you.” What role will the last game against Canada play in this one? “It was a turning point for both teams. We got some extra positive energy from it, maybe got some confidence. And it kind of jolted them awake and they smoked two really solid teams and held on against a very talented Slovakia team.”...

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