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Author: Mike McKenna

New Goal Equipment Regulations: A Pro’s Perspective

Mike McKenna Gives an Insider View on the New Gear Once again our pro correspondent Mike McKenna of the AHL’s Albany Devils brings us his unique view on the pro game. Mike is happy to answer questions in a Q&A column – so if you have anything you’d like to ask him, please add it in the comments or email [email protected] and we’ll pass them along. Like this one? Check out Mike’s other articles: Ask a Pro: Q & A with Mike McKenna Complete Guide to Professional Goalie’s Gear Setup and Customization How do the NHL, AHL and ECHL...

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Ask a Pro: Q & A with Mike McKenna

This is the first in a series of Question and Answer sessions with AHL goaltender Mike McKenna. If you want to ask Mike a question fire it our way in the comments below or via email. Q: How long does it take to break in a new set of gear before you use it in a game? – Hutch A: It depends. Pads usually take me about a week – four or five ice sessions.  As I stated in my previous column, I don’t like flexible pads so it’s just a matter of getting them molded to my legs.  Glove and blocker only take one or two practices: they come broken in and it’s just a matter of getting used to the feel of them.  Arm & chest protector I can use the same day I get it.  Pants and skates take about a week to break in. Q: What happens to his gear when he’s done with it? Tell him to please feel free to mail his pads to me, I’ll even pay for shipping!  – Rob Levin A: If I finish wearing something during the year, the team usually takes it and does whatever they please.  At the end of the season, I take home my newest set and use it during the summer.  Sorry! Q: About 2 years ago, after 25 years of playing out (Mostly...

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