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Author: Maria Mountain M.Sc.

Goalie Training: Best Stretch Ever (And How To Do It Right)

I think the proper moniker is “World’s Greatest Stretch” but for some reason around RevCon we call it the Best Stretch Ever. I do know that I was introduced to it via Mark Verstegen of Exos (formerly Athlete’s Performance). It is a great 3-in-1 dynamic warm-up exercise that I see butchered almost every time I see it done by a team, so here is your step-by-step guide to the Best Stretch Ever: Here are your key checkpoints: Movement #1 Extend your back knee (try to straighten your leg) and actively make your body as long as possible from the...

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Off-Ice Drill To Help You Build On-Ice Stamina

Before we get into it, I want you to understand that this is not the one magic multi-directional stamina drill that you need. This is not the one drill that you will repeat over and over and over again all off-season long. There are many drills goalies can use to build on-ice stamina; this is just one of them. What is On-Ice Stamina? Great question. On-ice stamina training is for goalies who want to execute quick, powerful crease movements even in the late stages of the game and into overtime. I’m not saying your legs won’t burn and they...

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Goalie Training: Sorry (Not Sorry); More LAX SMR Work

They say we always hurt the ones we love. So I must love you a LOT to give you this one ? Would you believe me if I said that it hurt me more than it hurt you? No? Yeah, you’re right, it will hurt you more. Here’s exactly what I want you to do for 30 to 60 seconds: Here Is Why I Want You To Do That Ever been told your ITB (Iliotibial Band) is too tight? News flash: it is supposed to be tight. It is a connective tissue band. That is it’s job, to be...

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One Drill for Power, Transitional Acceleration and Stamina

Speed, Power, Conditioning, Oh MY! You have heard me talk about training speed and power without fatigue. In fact, once you start adding fatigue to a workout speed session, you are now training stamina, not speed. It makes sense that you cannot train speed and agility when you are moving slowly. That isn’t always true – for example, when you are working on learning efficient movement mechanics so you are focused on executing the movements properly – but when it comes to pure speed training, you cannot be moving slow. The drill I have for you today is one of my favourite...

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Goalie Training: Over Speed Drill On Slideboard

A lot of being quick is mental. I don’t mean mental, like you lack the self-esteem to go fast. I mean mental like your body just doesn’t know how to do it. Your body doesn’t know what it feels like to move that fast and so it doesn’t know how to actually make it happen. This is where a bit (I stress a BIT) of over-speed training can help you and your brain to figure it out. In this video I am using a medium/heavy resistance band to apply resistance as the goalie moves laterally on the G1 Extreme...

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