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Author: Maria Mountain M.Sc.

Squat Variation to Target Glutes Not your Back

The glute (butt) muscles are your power house muscles. They let you hold a low ready position, they give you quick lateral pushes and they help you pop up from from your butterfly when you have to make that quick next save. I spend a lot of time thinking about your butts 🙂 (and your pelvis). My brain is constantly looking for ways to get you better results while reducing your risk of injury, both during training and on the ice. Squats are a great way to build strong glutes and quads, but there is also an inherent risk...

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Training outside the box: Carter Hutton’s goalie water workout

If you’ve been reading the InGoal series* of articles with St. Louis Blues goaltender Carter Hutton, you are getting a good idea of what a great human being lives behind the mask. Part of my job is to help Carter come back to the ice a more mobile, quicker and more durable version of himself each season. *(If you haven’t read it, you can read them by clicking on here for Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3). Carter and I do all the same stuff I preach to you about here on InGoal. We prioritize mobility, then build solid functional...

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Cognitive + Motor Training Drill For Dexterity On The Ice

Are you ready to look foolish? What am I saying?  You are a goalie – of course you are okay with that 😉 If you just skip to the video you might watch it and think – that looks cool and kinda crazy, but there is a method to the madness. One of the toughest things to replicate in off-ice training, especially if you are not working with a strength coach or trainer, is the read-and-react element or the cognitive + motor element.  In other words, interpreting visual stimulus and then executing the correct motor response. Sounds like what...

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Focus, process, respond: New ball drill for goalies

If all you had to do was focus on the puck life would be pretty easy, but that is not enough. You need to focus on the development of the play, on the puck, maybe on the stick … and then you need to process that information and select a response from your tool box. Juggling is a great practice for dexterity, but we can add layers of complexity once you are competent.  Those layers of complexity can challenge you to process and then process and respond. What I have for you today is a drill that combines all...

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