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Author: Maria Mountain M.Sc.

How To Engage Core, Stop Twisting Out of Way When Moving Laterally

I am guessing most of you do it since almost every time I go out on the ice to watch one of the goalies I train work with his or her goalie coach I see them do it. I also see almost all of the minor hockey goalies I watch do it during games and even most of the OHL goalies I watch do it … so I am guessing you do it too. I don’t blame you, you probably don’t even know you do it. You have a lot going on when you are moving from side to...

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No Windmill Saves Unless You Can Do THIS Shoulder Exercise

Over the last four months I have noticed a trend in goalies like you. It is not at all uncommon in “regular” athletes, but for hockey goalies it is unacceptable. You need to have all the ingredients that typically constitutes “athleticism” plus you need to mobility of an acrobat at times. That’s what the best athletes who play the toughest position in the toughest sport on earth need to do anyway. So you might look at this as another one of Maria’s silly little exercises that looks so simple in the video and then I am going to try it and...

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Goalie Training: Advanced Lateral Leg Power Drill

I do not call this an “advanced” leg power drill for hockey goalies as a marketing ploy. It really is advanced, even if it looks pretty straight forward. If you do not have a great off-ice training foundation – in other words, if you have not been training consistently for the past two to three months, two to three times per week – then put this one on the back burner and start by focusing on your flexibility, stability and strength before you attack this power/speed drill. Now, for those of you ready to tackle this lateral speed drill, do...

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Goalie Training: Time To Re-Thinking Juggling?

Let me make this clear: I think it is still okay for goalies to use juggling as a way to train dexterity. I am not, however, convinced juggling will improve your tracking or hand-eye coordination the way a goalie uses those skills on the ice. I recently saw a video of a couple young goalies wearing their glove and blocker while handling their sticks as a basketball player may work on their ball handling; around the waist, through the legs, loop over the back – all of it. On first glance my thought was, how is this relevant? Upon further review...

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Understand Injuries With One Simple Question: Is There Pain?

“Is There Pain?” is a “Yes” or “No” question. Just like you, I love to hear what is going on with the NHL goaltenders. Anytime there is an injury it immediately gets my attention because I believe my number one responsibility is keeping you healthy. You can’t win any games from the stands can you? So when I read this line from the article about Roberto Luongo’s recovery from hip surgery, I immediately felt compelled to write this (literally, I just read it two minutes ago) … The groin twinges would go away, though, so Luongo seemed to think nothing of...

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