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Author: Maria Mountain M.Sc.

Revolution Conditioning Training Tips

Just because it is “Natural” it is not necessarily safe or healthy Regular InGoal Columnist Maria Mountain is an expert trainer of hockey players, including Stanley Cup Champions. Learn more about working with her at Let me start by saying I love my Mom, she is great and was patient enough to raise my brother and me. I am pretty sure she does not read InGoalMag, so I think I am safe to tell this story about my Mom. When we were kids having potato chips or a can of Coke was a huge treat. In the summer...

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Revolution Conditioning Training Tips: Standing on stability ball is just plain dumb

See more of Maria’s work at You can be either a goalie or a circus clown – not both! I had an email from a fellow trainer who works with hockey players asking me to clarify the fad of standing on a stability ball for training hockey players. He just did not understand why he was still seeing this used for goalie training. To me, seeing this in a goalie’s off-ice training program screams not only incompetence, but negligence on the part of the trainer. As a strength and conditioning professional, your goal is always to weigh the risks...

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All Star steps to achieve your goals, a helping hand and a kick in the pants!

Do you ever talk yourself out of becoming better or achieving your goals?  Why do we do that?  I almost did that to myself on Saturday.  I had a lot of work to get done, but I wanted to get out for a cross-country ski (one of my goals is to get out for a ski or snowboard every week of the winter).  I found myself rationalizing my way out of going for a ski. Here are a few of my carefully thought out points of argument: You will have to get changed into your ski gear and that...

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Plyometric Training to make you a quicker goaltender

See more of Maria’s work at Around Christmas time I wrote a few articles about how some goalies and trainers are trying to do the right thing. They are using plyometric training to try and improve their speed and power.  The problem is they are using the plyometrics in a way that may actually decrease their speed. I don’t think any of you want to make that mistake, so today I am going to share a plyometric circuit that will actually make you quicker.  Remember, true plyometric drills make use of the stretch-shortening reflex.  So when a muscle...

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