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Author: Maria Mountain M.Sc.

Hip injuries to Goalies what Shoulders are to Pitchers

Video: how to tell difference between injury and serious problem I read InGoal Magazine’s recent article about Niklas Backstrom’s hip injury and the historic and medical link between butterfly goalies and hip surgery with great interest. Unlike many strength and conditioning coaches, I started working with athletes from an injury prevention, or injury rehabilitation perspective while working as the exercise specialist in the physiotherapy department at the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic in London, Ontario. I learned during my time there that there were often – not always, but usually – some missing elements in the athletes’ preparation that contributed...

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Are those plyometrics making you a quicker goalie? Part One

Check out part II of this article – Plyometrics can make you slower I have said it before, but it bears repeating – if you were building your dream home would you be happy if the contractor showed up on the first day and started putting up drywall and wallpaper and then wanted to talk about where to put the speakers for the home theatre system? Probably not, you would want to see a crew in there digging a good foundation and pouring some solid footings. Dryland training for goalies is the same but, like building a house, we...

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Core Stability Training is key to Goalies, but what is it?

This article was written by Maria Mountain of Revolution Conditioning If you have ever had team training sessions or heard a professional hockey player talk about his off-season training, you are familiar with the term core stability training. So can you point with one finger to your ‘core’? Are you pointing at your belly button? Can you tell me what core stability training is in one sentence? Did you just say, “training that gives you a stronger core? I hope you are saying “Hmmm” to yourself right now, because even all of the top strength coaches cannot agree on what the core is or what core stability training actually is. Some don’t even want to use the term ‘core.’ If you enjoy Maria’s articles, check out The Rapid Response Goalie Training Program For the sake of this discussion we will consider the core to be everything from your pelvis to your arm pits and core stability training is exercising in a way that gives the body the awareness, stamina and strength necessary to control body movement between the pelvis and the arm pits. Notice that I am taking about core stability training, because after spending a weekend with renowned spine biomechanist Dr. Stuart McGill it is crystal clear that the goal of training the torso is to stabilize the spine, not generate movement in it. Quite simply, if you picture...

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This is not safe training for young goalies.

This is a guest post by Maria Mountain, M.Sc. When I was starting out and building up my hockey strength and conditioning practice, I ran hundreds of off-ice training sessions for hockey camps and junior hockey teams. Some of the coaches and organizations were amazing with a sincere desire to do what is best for the long-term development of the young players. Other coaches had a strong desire to have their team win the division championships, this year – no matter what. They are the same coaches that would tell me – “Just kill ‘em! Make’em puke!” Hmmm, okay – but I thought my job was to make them better athletes so they can play better hockey. If I wanted to make them puke, I could have invited them all over to my house for a home cooked dinner. This attitude rubs off some coaches and onto the parents – because they do not know any better. I have seen 8 year olds at a hockey camp and the parents complaining that one day they played soccer for their off-ice training! Your kid has been on the ice for six hours, it is okay if they play a little soccer at the end of the day – it is actually a good way to build stamina, agility and reactivity. More importantly it is fun. My goal is to give...

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