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Author: Paul Campbell

Breaking Down Bibeau’s Debut

Antoine Bibeau, currently the Toronto Maple Leafs most highly-touted goaltending prospect, got his first taste of NHL action Sunday night versus the recently demolished Colorado Avalanche. The Avs have been offensively toothless this season, so it promised to be a gentle immersion for the 22-year-old rookie. In the end, though the Leafs did dominate, Bibeau’s debut was far from a night off, as he allowed 2 goals on 28 shots in the loss. Bibeau’s first test was on a difficult tip in front:   Bibeau reads the play well. With the puck-carrier on his backhand not threatening a shot, Bibeau is ready for...

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The Shifting Depths of Frederik Andersen

Frederik Andersen was brought in this summer to extinguish the Toronto Maple Leafs Annual Goalie Panic. Instead, he stoked that fire to almost unprecedented heights over the month of October. His numbers were awful, he looked lost, and as time went on, media-proposed excuses about injury and missed training camp became less and less convincing. Something was wrong with Frederik Andersen, and Martin Biron, a former NHL goalie and current analyst for TSN, was clear about what it was: Here’s my report on Andersen. Way too far outside of his crease being way too aggressive. Relying only on size and not on save...

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Goalies 101: The Essential Guide To Understanding Position

There are a number of terms used by the goaltending community that are understood differently by different parts of the hockey community. The differences in usage and meaning can lead to confusion and can make it harder for discussions about goaltending to bear fruit. In some ways, goalies and non goalies are often talking a different language. In an attempt to clarify some of these concepts, InGoal is bringing you Goalies 101, a series that aims to explore how goalies talk about goaltending. The following articles, all authored by Clare Austin, provide a clear, through overview of indispensable goaltending concepts. Cutting Down...

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World Cup of Hockey: Price Still Right For Canada

If there is a crisis in Canadian goaltending, you won’t find evidence for it at World Cup of Hockey. Canada’s trio of Carey Price, Braden Holtby, and Corey Crawford is the deepest in the tournament, featuring the last two Vezina winners and a “third stringer” who could usurp the starter on several teams. Despite Holtby’s award-winning season, even he believes the starter’s role should go to Price, making the presumed marching order 1. Price  2. Holtby  3. Crawford. Carey Price   Games PlayedSV%5 vs 5 SV%HD SV%Record 2015-16 Pro Season12.934.939.81710-2-0 Visitors to this world might be misled by Price’s 2015-16 stat line: an MCL...

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New Aesthetics of Goaltending, Vol 2: Revolution in Mobility

The New Aesthetics of Goaltending series explores the evolution of the position, using historical examples to highlight the subtler grace of the modern game. It’s Art Appreciation for hockey fans. You can find Volume 1 here. Volume 2: A Revolution in Mobility A beautiful save can burn itself into your memory and stay there for the rest of your life. I remember half-sitting in my basement, enthralled by Patrick Roy and Bob Mason. Never mind that it was a regular season game. Never mind the score. Both goalies seemed to be feeding on each other’s energy, trading blows, one-upping and out-doing the other’s best save every time. The Old Forum hummed with...

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