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Author: Paul Campbell

New Aesthetics of Goaltending: Myth of the Standup Goalie

The New Aesthetics of Goaltending series explores the evolution of the position, using historical examples to highlight the subtler grace of the modern game. It’s Art Appreciation for hockey fans. You can find Volume 1 here, and Volume 2 here. Volume 3: The Myth of the Standup Goalie The Save Kirk McLean was a bit of a throwback even in 1994. His game had evolved since the 80s, no doubt, but he was still a standup goalie in an era where the butterfly had clearly emerged from its chrysalis. And I’m thankful for it, because he gave us one of the finest standup-style stacked-pad saves...

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The Meaning of Carey Price

Whenever management trades or pays a beloved player, a chorus of eternal killjoys rises from the dark depths of their accounting offices, groaning that hockey is a business. We saw it when Connor McDavid signed for $12.5 million a season, and we saw it when the Canadiens announced they’d be paying star goaltender Carey Price $10.5 million for the maximum 8-year term. The verdicts are swift and merciless. The killjoys aren’t wrong, of course. Asset management and the allocation of limited resources are absolutely vital to the success of any organization. Teams that spend foolishly will eventually pay for...

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The winner of Bunny Larocque Trophy for backup goalies is …

Before the playoffs began, InGoal Magazine announced the creation of a new award, the Bunny Larocque Trophy for excellence in backup goaltending in the NHL. After the first round of the playoffs, we announced the finalists: Aaron Dell, Scott Darling, and Antti Raanta. We promised to announce the winner after the second round, but decided to hold off until we could properly involve two individuals absolutely central to the presentation. That time is now, but first a bit about the award’s namesake. Michel “Bunny” Larocque Larocque’s success in the NHL as a backup knows no equal. His accolades speak for themselves: Larocque...

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If you’d been told in January that Marc-Andre Fleury and Craig Anderson would be facing off in the Eastern Conference Final, you might well have laughed. Fleury had already ceded his starter’s crease to Matthew Murray, and Anderson was playing for a Senators team that seemed unlikely to win a playoff round. Who’s laughing now? (Probably Fleury – does he ever stop smiling?) Marc-Andre Fleury  GPOverall SV%5v5 Sv%LDSv%MDSv%HDSv% Marc-Andre Fleury3890.9491.6998.6391.0981.62 Despite a poor regular season where it looked at times like his best years were behind him, Fleury has been an unexpected strength in this year’s playoffs. Posting a 92.14 save percentage...

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2017 Playoff Preview, Round 2: Braden Holtby vs Marc-Andre Fleury

To say the spotlight in this series will be on the scoring superstars is an understatement: Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin’s second career playoff series meeting is deservedly generating enormous attention. With the forward depth both rosters boast, we could see one or both teams shooting the lights out. I wouldn’t count on it, however. Marc-Andre Fleury and Braden Holtby are coming off strong first-round performances, and while neither can be said to have stolen their series, both were strong in victory. Braden Holtby Holtby’s 92.5 save percentage in his first-round matchup versus the Maple Leafs is a good indication of his quality in...

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