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Author: Paul Campbell

New Aesthetics of Goaltending, Vol 2: Revolution in Mobility

The New Aesthetics of Goaltending series explores the evolution of the position, using historical examples to highlight the subtler grace of the modern game. It’s Art Appreciation for hockey fans. You can find Volume 1 here. Volume 2: A Revolution in Mobility A beautiful save can burn itself into your memory and stay there for the rest of your life. I remember half-sitting in my basement, enthralled by Patrick Roy and Bob Mason. Never mind that it was a regular season game. Never mind the score. Both goalies seemed to be feeding on each other’s energy, trading blows, one-upping and out-doing the other’s best save every time. The Old Forum hummed with...

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World Cup of Hockey Preview: Murray No.1 for North America

As the hockey world prepares for the return of the World Cup of Hockey, the staff at InGoal Magazine will take a closer look at the goaltending situation for all eight teams, including likely starters and style of play leading into the pre-tournament exhibition games. We started with the Czech Republic and Team Europe, and today take a closer look at the crease for the all-new Team North America: The most exciting team at the World Cup of Hockey may end up being Team North America, composed of young (23 and under) players from Canada and the US (though, unfortunately, not Mexico). Excitement in goal, however,...

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