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Author: Paul Campbell

Beyond Big Four: Rethinking Vezina Trophy Numbers

Wins. Goals-Against Average. Save Percentage. Shutouts. This is the Big Four, history’s best attempt to quantify hockey’s hardest position. But when we look beyond these basics, a more accurate picture appears, one that shows Mike Smith should have a Vezina. Who else was robbed? And who should win now?

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4 hours ago
Scary close call for



Scary close call for Winnipeg Jets Connor Hellebuyck as teammate’s stick blade got through his cage + cut him near eye; interestingly amid the debate about cat-eye cages, which are banned in Canada, the blade actually appears to go in under the lower bar of the cat-eye opening. Frankly it’s hard to see why that gap, which does nothing to help vision, needs to be big enough for a blade to get through, as unlikely as this incident might be.

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