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Author: Pete Fry

The Importance of Language and your Mindset

Why should you as a goalie be concerned with the language you use? Because when you talk, your brain forms pictures in your head. For example if I say the word “goalie”, you picture an actual goalie in your head and not the letters “ g, o, a, l, i, e, ”. This is how your brain thinks. In pictures.

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The One Big Mental Toughness Skill That Sets Tom Brady Apart From Other Athletes

Today we bring you the first article from Pete Fry, The Goalie Mindset Guy, who specializes in helping goaltenders of all ages take their game to the next level. We’ve worked closely with Pete before and are happy to welcome him to InGoal Magazine today. Look for more from Pete in the coming weeks and months. Like him or not, Tom Brady is the envy of every quarterback and most athletes. They would love to have his level of success. I don’t know if you are a fan or not of Tom Brady, but I do know that as...

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4 hours ago
Scary close call for



Scary close call for Winnipeg Jets Connor Hellebuyck as teammate’s stick blade got through his cage + cut him near eye; interestingly amid the debate about cat-eye cages, which are banned in Canada, the blade actually appears to go in under the lower bar of the cat-eye opening. Frankly it’s hard to see why that gap, which does nothing to help vision, needs to be big enough for a blade to get through, as unlikely as this incident might be.

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