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Author: InGoal Magazine Staff

Jhonas Enroth’s Portland Pirates and Buffalo Sabres Mask

One of InGoal’s closest supporters who sends us regular tips on new masks has done it again. Probably the biggest collector of game-worn masks, this anonymous supporter of InGoal and mask-artists recently dropped us a line with this fantastic mask. Created by David Leroux, who has displayed his work here before – most notably his mask for Tampa’s Cedrick Dejardins – The Portland/Buffalo mask for Entroth is another in a line of hybrid masks – designed for the goalie who is likely to play in both the NHL and AHL in any given year. We’ve always been big fans of Leroux’s bold graphics and skilled craftsmanship and this mask is no exception. What do you think? Drop us a line in the comments or go hit that Twitter button so other Buffalo and Portland fans can have a look. To see more of David’s great work please visit his web...

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InGoal Exclusive: Jose Theodore’s new Minnesota mask

As sad as InGoal Magazine will be to see Jose Theodore’s temporary “Mummy” mask disappear before Halloween, the new Minnesota Wild backup has good reason to switch it out. And as happy as InGoal was to be the first to bring you pictures of Theodore’s taped-up temp, it’s with even greater pleasure that we debut the replacement. Painted by  legendary Minnesota-based painter Todd Miska – a first for Theodore – the new lid offers a unique combination of the former Hart- and Vezina-Trophy winning goaltender’s former masks in Montreal, Colorado and Washington. (Miska also painted the Friday the 13th mask that now appears in the banner above). Theodore’s last mask with the Canadiens featured Gargoyles perched on a brick wall on either side, a reference to their guardian, or gatekeeper, status that has also long been featured on the masks of current Chicago Blackhawks No.1 Marty Turco. When he moved to Colorado, the Gargoyles stayed, but their wings were iced over. After signing in Washington, they were replaced appropriately by bald eagles. Now Theodore is in Minnesota, a late signing Oct. 2 after scheduled backup Josh Harding blew out his knee in a preseason crease crash, and the Gargoyles are back – sort of. Replacing the bald eagles on the new mask is the animal-shaped head of the Minnesota Wild logo (the franchise has never clarified if it’s a bear...

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New Jason Bacashihua mask just in time for Halloween

Like clockwork, you can depend on Hollywood to deliver a fresh batch of cheesy horror films just in time for fast-approaching Halloween. Similarly, we at InGoal Magazine have come to count on goalie Jason Bacashihua to deliver one of the best masks in pro hockey every season. And since that mask invariably features one of the best ties ins between hockey and horror films of all time – the vintage goalie-mask wearing Jason Voorhees character from the Friday the 13th franchise – we figured this was as good a time as any to present Bacashihua’s latest. While most of his masks have featured the Jason character on at least once side, if not both, this is the first we’ve seen with the Friday the 13th goalie mask so prominently displayed on the front. Anyone who knows Bacashihua, however, would be in no way surprised at its status on his mask. “Growing up I was able to watch all of them,” Bacashihua once told InGoal Magazine of the horror movies. “And when it came time to paint my helmet I thought it was pretty neat: He wears the goalie mask and I’m Jason and here I am a goalie, so I put him on there. I couldn’t put the knife or anything on there so I just threw the hockey stick on there. That’s my thing ever since I was in Utah and...

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Three Goalie stars for October 25, 2010

Would the revival of Tim Thomas in Boston prove more impressive than the debut of Cory Schneider on the other coast, and allow the veteran Bruins’ backstop to edge out the Canucks rookie backup for top spot in fan voting for InGoal Magazine’s 3 stars this week? And what about the return to playoff form of Jaroslav Halak in St. Louis, or a return from injury of Pekka Rinne and the still undefeated Nashville Predators? Once again, you decided who took home top prize … First Star: Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins: Thomas, who was named second star after an impressive shutout overseas during the first week of the season, continued his early season run of brilliance by backstopping the Boston Bruins to a sweep of a home-and-away series with the offensively gifted Washington Capitals. He stopped 73 of 75 shots in the victories, improving to 4-0-0 this season with 0.75 goals-against average and eye-popping .978 save percentage. In the process, the 36-year-old has quieted a lot of critics who wondered if his Vezina Trophy win two seasons ago was a one-off after he lost the starting job to impressive rookie Tuukka Rask last season. Turns out it was more about a badly torn hip labrum, which Thomas had surgically repaired during the summer, freeing him up physically for this impressive return. Second Star: Cory Schneider, Vancouver Canucks: On the...

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