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Roloson’s new mask pays homage to Islanders legends

Dwayne Roloson gives a shout out to Billy Smith and “Chico” Resch New York goaltender Rick Dipietro stole most of the headlines by breaking out a new set of bright pink pads and matching gloves prior to Monday night’s game between the Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs. As good as Dipietro’s cause is in raising money and awareness for the Hockey Fights Cancer month, for pure aesthetics his playing partner, Dwayne Roloson, was a better story – and not because of a sometimes spectacular 29-save performance in a 2-1 overtime win over Toronto. Roloson also debuted a brand new orange and blue lid featuring tributes to Islanders greats Billy Smith on the right side, and Glen “Chico” Resch on the other. And while there was no word on whether or not the Smith image struck fear into any opponent that dared come near the New York crease, Roloson’s shout out to the past is certain to strike a more positive chord with Islanders fans everywhere. It’s also a nice continuation of a recent trend of tribute masks that, if the response here at InGoal Magazine is any indication, has been well received from goalies all over the world. The list began with Los Angeles Kings No.1 Jonathan Quick doing his best Rogie Vachon impersonation in the season opener, a story that generated another 10,000+ page views in just over...

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Three Goalie Stars for October 18, 2010

This is the second week for our three stars segment and this time you the readers made the selection. In a poll that ran for Sunday only, we began with six InGoal suggestions, received two write in votes from readers and after a pile of Twitter and blogging campaigning by fans are now able to reveal our winners for the week between Oct. 10 and 17! Would Tomas Vokoun’s back-to-back shutouts, including one over state rival Tampa Bay and a potent Lightning attack be enough to top the list … 1. First Star: Michal Neuvirth, Washington Capitals. Taking full advantage of the early season injury to expected No.1 Semyon Varlamov, the 22-year-old Neuvirth was a perfect 3-0 in three starts last week, allowing just five goals in wins over Ottawa, the New York Islanders, and Nashville. After splitting decisions the week before, Neuvirth posted a .947 save percentage in the three victories. 2. Second Star: Anders Lindback, Nashville Predators. Another 22-year-old rookie, Lindback’s only loss in his first week as an NHL starter was in overtime to Neuvirth and the offensively dynamic Capitals. The 6-foot-6 Swede took over after Nashville’s 6-foot-5 No.1, Pekka Rinne, was injured in a crease collision in the season opener – and yes, the Predators do have almost 13 feet of goalie tandem this season – and stopped 23 of 25 in a win over rival...

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Readers choice: Three Goalie Stars for October 18

We want you to decide the three goalie stars for the past week, October 10-17. This poll will only be open today so please vote now and share it with your friends! The winners will be announced in this weeks InGoal Magazine Newsletter, due out Monday morning. It looks like the Preds’ fans are using twitter to campaign for Lindback – aka “Anders the Giant” – if you have a favorite hit that green retweet button and try to get some support for your vote! Poll is now closed. Thank you for your input! Check out the final 3 star selection… Editor’s Note: Let us know what you think in the comments – one reader asked for a write-in and Michal Neuvirth is now one of your...

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Cory Schneider pays homage to Canucks with new mask

Update: This mask was broken in practice during the playoffs – Schneider has a sharp new retro look – and we have lots of photos plus a video here. Have you seen InGoal – the online Magazine? [wpfblike] It’s too bad Cory Schneider seems destined to sit on the bench behind Roberto Luongo most of the season, because the Vancouver Canucks’ highly touted young backup is sporting a new mask that deserves a much bigger spotlight. With his first full NHL season a certainty after signing a one-way contract this summer following three years in the American Hockey League,...

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Thrashers Pavelec out of hospital after collapsing on ice

Atlanta goaltender Ondrej Pavelec was released from hospital after two days of testing followed his scary on-ice collapse just 2:25 into the Thrashers’ season-opening game against the Washington Capitals on Friday night. “I want to thank all the doctors, trainers and emergency personnel who took such good care of me,” Pavelec said in a release from the team. “I would also like to thank my teammates, all the fans and everyone in the hockey community who have reached out to me and offered their support and well-wishes over the last few days.” According to the release preliminary tests of his heart and brain show Pavelec, who was rushed to hospital after failing to regain consciousness even as he was being taken off the ice on a stretcher, had a neurocardiogenic syncope episode. In layman’s terms, he had a fainting spell, though after watching him crumple to the ice and learning he was out between 11 to 13 minutes, most observers feared much worse for the 23-year-old. Pavelec did suffer a concussion when he hit his head on the ice as he fell backwards to the ice, and will undergo further testing to his heart, blood and genetics before being cleared to play. “I hope to be back in action as soon as possible,” Pavelec said. Free agent addition Chris Mason, who took over after Pavelec went down and made...

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Scary close call for



Scary close call for Winnipeg Jets Connor Hellebuyck as teammate’s stick blade got through his cage + cut him near eye; interestingly amid the debate about cat-eye cages, which are banned in Canada, the blade actually appears to go in under the lower bar of the cat-eye opening. Frankly it’s hard to see why that gap, which does nothing to help vision, needs to be big enough for a blade to get through, as unlikely as this incident might be.

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