Carey Price New CCM Reebok Gear

Carey Price unveiled his highly anticipated new CCM-branded pads on his Twitter account (@CP0031) on Monday.

Carey Price finally put a name to the face of his new line of goaltending equipment when he unveiled a photo of his CCM-branded pads and gloves for the upcoming season on Twitter.

“New gear for this season!,” was all Price wrote on his @CP0031 account, but the exclamation mark said a lot.

Price was first spotted wearing all-white, unbranded pads at skates in Kelowna earlier this summer, with the lone identifying mark on the side: a “Made in Canada by Lefevre” badge typically found only on Reebok products.

That led to no shortage of speculation about the pads, which featured knee rolls, and Price finally ended a lot of it Monday with photos of both the leg pads and gloves, which included a binding-less blocker and a new-look trapper some are already calling the 600 series.

In addition to CCM, which is owned by Reebok, Price’s new gear was branded with “EXtreme Flex Pro,” another indication the new line of equipment will be targeted towards goaltenders wanting a softer, more flexible pad.

Just as we did with the first in-depth reviews of last year’s P4 line, including some one-on-one insights from Price himself, InGoal is meeting with Price and Reebok in the near future for a special sneak peak at the new CCM line, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy Price’s pictures:

Carey Price New CCM Reebok Gear

Carey Price New CCM Reebok Gear


Carey Price new CCM Reebok Gloves Gear

Carey Price new CCM Reebok Gloves Gear




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15 Responses to Canadiens’ Carey Price Unveils New CCM Goalie Gear on Twitter

  1. big z says:

    wow i like them. i hope ccm starts making more equipment.

  2. Quov says:

    Wow. Grandson would love these.

  3. Gregan says:

    They lost me at EXTREME.

  4. Ogre39666 says:

    I expect we’ll be seeing Miller (officially) in these soon.

  5. Dan says:

    Be nice to see a set of these with more color to see the full graphic

  6. Alex says:

    Love the all white!! More puck marks the better!!! Sexy time. Very nice

  7. Walle says:

    Hopefully there is a contest for the extreme flex.

  8. Aaron Atkins says:

    the pre-order line is 8 pages, but thats just what i here from the boys at the rink

  9. steve says:

    Look real nice as a tender I would love to see them up close and personal so I can get better look @ them. As for Carey not real suprised as he seems to tinker with his stuff like I do. So hopefully we will get him and them in action this season

  10. Clint says:

    Just saw this up close and personal at the Canadian hockey show. Glove and blocker are pretty similar to the p4. One piece cuff with the exception to a slightly different break. The senior line model, the extreme flex400 pad features buckles and not traditional leather straps. Other than that, the 500 series and pro line look very well made and quite similar to the larceny pad. You also get the choice of single and double break as well.

  11. John Manousos says:

    They look like his Vaughn V4/V5.P4s are too ridgid and give off too much of a rebound,Vaughns are softer and hold rebounds close to you allowing you to puck easier.Maybe CCMs are a soft as well. Im sure if it wasnt for sponsorship dollars Carey Price would be in Vaughns still.

  12. sylvain says:

    Good thing he`s coming back to a softer pad, he did not look as sharp with the P4.

  13. Mjs says:

    They kinda look like a re-worked version of the Koho 588s. Sweet though. Might try to grab the gloves whenever they come out.

  14. Smitty says:

    Nice pads can’t wait till they come out

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