Eddie Lack Brian's G-NETik Chicago WolvesWe’ve already seen one of the hottest sets of gear to come along in a while with Chris Mason’s Nashville Predator’s logo gear – and now Eddie Lack will have his own trademark look.

Like Mason’s new pads, Lack has gone with the all-new Brian’s G-NETik line, this time customized with the logo of the AHL Chicago Wolves. Lack’s pads are unique though not just in the custom design, but also in their construction. While Mason is using the stock 3-3-3 pads – the softest break options at the boot, and above and below the knee – Lack prefers the stiffest set up, a 1-1-1 construction, with a pre-curve above the knee.

Brian’s prides itself on being the company that does custom best. From the aggressive designs they have given goaltenders like Mason and Lack, to the fundamental construction of their G-NETik gear, Brian’s is delivering just that this season. 

The new G-NETik line can fit the game of goalies who prefer soft pads for a reactive style, or something significantly stiffer like Lack has chosen this season. They even have the ability to switch between traditional straps and Brian’s cutting-edge smart Strap technology – and back – because you make the changes yourself in just minutes.

For more on the fantastic new G-NETik line, check out our full review in the October edition of the InGoal Digital Magazine, and don’t forget to enter to win a set of your own courtesy of Brian’s Custom Sports, InGoal Magazine and Total Goalie.


Eddie Lack Brian's G-NETik Chicago Wolves

Eddie Lack Brian's G-NETik Chicago Wolves

Eddie Lack’s stock Chicago Wolves pads

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One Response to Eddie Lack in Custom G-NETik gear for the Chicago Wolves

  1. Matt in Montreal says:

    Cool. I Tweeted Lack ysterday about sharing his pics on Twitter – he seems to share everything else, lol.

    Can say I’m more excited about Brian’s line than the new CCM.

    That glove is a must have!

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