This directory is under development. If you have information to add, or a company that we have not listed, please get in touch:

Pro's Choice

Tuukka Rask, Nikolai Khabibulin, Steve Mason, Mike Smith

Middleton, MA
Sportmask Custom Goalie Mask Manufacturer

Cam Ward, Tim Thomas

Tony Priolo

Masked Marvel Goalie Helmets

Joe Messina and Stan Matwijiw

Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI USA

view the inGoal Magazine gallery of Masked Marvel helmets.
Warwick Mask Company
Ryan Miller, Marty Turco, Evgeni Nabokov

Gary Warwick

Port Huron, MI USA
ARMORI STEELE, International

11 Responses to Goal Mask Makers Directory

  1. Michele D'Amico says:

    Hi, I have a great idea for a goalie mask, Whar are the rules governing the production of a goalie mask.

  2. Gerry says:

    What about OLIE?..they make great masks….They have awesome quality and the service you get when you call or contact them is top notch.

    • Jim Seisser says:

      I agree, OLIE makes great goalie head gear and they are a Canadian company. As an adult I did not like the fit of ITech/Bauer masks. I tried them, but they seem to narrow to me. OLIE does not pay the fees for NHL Goalies to wear their masks so you won’t see the OLIE name on the mask of an NHL goalie. If you are making a list of goalie mask makers why would you exclude OLIE?

  3. Derrick says:

    Does anyone have contact information for Eddy Masks? There website only has a cover page without links. I’d like to try to get in touch with him about getting my mask reconditioned.


  4. John says:

    I think you forgot about Ed Cubberly….

  5. Brian says:

    Dlyan Masks — Craig Anderson

  6. Bryan says:

    What’s Jason LaBarbera’s new Chicago Blackhawks mask look like?

  7. Jerry Wright says:

    I need to be added . I have a new company and some new designs. Stay tuned…

  8. To my old customers that have been trying to locate me I still have the same number (604)983-MASK here in Vancouver B.C Canada. And to the readers;
    I had taken a leave of absence due to 3 deaths in the family and hip replacement surgery.
    I have started up again networking with the N.H.L, A.H.L and have already produced some masks and serviced some of my customers in the past. (1 just recently in Switzerland).
    In my absence. a couple of N.H.L trainers informed me of the growing concerns of the safety and injuries with some of the masks that they have been exposed to. I had informed them that I have my trade secrets but assured everybody I DO NOT use certain materials and cages that would put customers at risk, pro or non pro. Also, that they are hand-crafted individually, and the shells are guaranteed for life. Plus, I alone paint my own masks, the only one in the world that does it all. And I service ONLY my customers, repainting and replacing parts and materials where ever they are located in the world.
    Just a few examples of clients that have used my masks in the past where Trevor Kidd (with the checkerboard Brian’s equipment) and Kevin Weeke’s (who is now commenting with the NHL Network), when he had a brief stay with the Vancouver Canucks.
    My new website will be up soon and I just want to take the opportunity to thank all of my friends and family in my time of grief.

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