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Goalie Gear Manufacturers Directory

This directory is under development. If you would like to be included, or know of a company that should be included, please contact [email protected]

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Vaughn Hockey

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  1. Matthew Bourgeois

    I own and operate Absolute Goaltending in conjunction with the Puckhogs Training Center in the GTA of Ontario.

    You have to add McKenney Custom Sports to your equipment directory @ Trevor and Mike have helped many of my students. From youth to adult their gear is all pro material and is fully customizable, without the high prices.

    Matthew Bourgeois RN

    Absolute Goaltending

  2. Martin Sordo

    Hasek played last season with Spartak Moskow team from the KHL. He was wearing a lot of different brands of equipment, but the is one brand that caught my attention. The name is STA, he wore pads, glove and blocker.
    Do you know anything about this brand? Thank you.

    Kindest regards,

    Martin Sordo

  3. Awesome Dill From DawsonVille

    CCM… I don’t know how that was missed. But also Passau makes full custom equipment. They helped me out with a custom chest/arm protector.


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