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M.E.G.A. Goaltending

M.E.G.A. Goaltending

Justin Johnson is the University of Minnesota goalie coach and founder of MEGA Goaltending. MEGA programs are designed to develop and refine goaltending skills in a challenging and purposeful environment. The dynamic staff includes multiple collegiate coaches who strive to ensure every student receives a quality experience. MEGA programs convey the most current methods of goaltending and afford you the time and repetitions to discover which methods work best for you. MEGA coaches are also passionate about instilling the type of mental skills that serve you well in the crease, and later in life.

M.E.G.A.Goaltending’s Articles for InGoal

April 2012 Edition: A step by step guide to playing your most consistent game

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5 days ago
Come into the Florid



Come into the Florida Panthers locker room with us as James Reimer goes over the details of the new @daveart mask, featuring more Panther and a little less Optimus Prime, that he might wear for first time tonight against the Vancouver Canucks. Full video featuring Reimer is up at (link in bio)

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