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As part of our weekly Ask a Pro segment, InGoal Magazine sat down with three-time Stanley Cup winner Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings. And while it’s always impossible to ask all the questions you, the readers, submit each week, Osgood seemed to enjoy the ones we did ask, starting with a “scoop” about the NHL getting rid of his old-school helmet-and-cage setup, which just happens to have roots with the Russian Red Army.

osgood lid

Chris Osgood will be the last NHL goalie to wear the old helmet and cage combo mask

We also asked Osgood about his role mentoring super sophomore Jimmy Howard, how his game has evolved dramatically in the last five years, the new equipment rules, the evolution of the goaltending position, and whether his future might include working as a goalie coach, a job he already seems to be grooming himself for with the Red Wings. As always, it was an enjoyable conversation with the soft-spoken but easy-to-like Osgood, and one we believe you will enjoy too.


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One Response to Ask a Pro with Chris Osgood

  1. Kris says:

    I love listening to Ozzy, such a great outlook, no wonder DET has kept him around even if his play has slipped a little, hes a consummate professional

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