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3 Responses to Winnipeg Jets Goalie Chris Mason unveils new mask (and gear)

  1. Patrick says:

    can someone explain to me what is up with all the gear companies copying each others graphics on pads??? for that that was always a one of the better things as a goalie you could always tell the different pads based solely on the designs…but the bauer one100s, Vaugh Vision, now brians all look the same :S

  2. Mark says:

    I love the new Jets logo. This mask is awesome. I love the native art. I think this might be a great year for Mason. Welcome back Jets, my new 2nd favorite team!!!

  3. G Porelle says:

    Awesome mask!!! Never been a big fan of Chris Mason’s masks but he’s outdone himself this time. I would say one of the top 5 masks of 2011-2012

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