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Another New Lehtonen Stars Mask by ex-Teammate

Another New Lehtonen Stars Mask by ex-Teammate

Lehtonen’s new mask a family effort as three goaltenders work together on design.

Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask Right FrontInGoal first presented Kari Lehtonen’s new Stars mask for the 2013-2014 season last month, painted by ex-teammate Joni ‘Bona’ Hallikainen, a former pro goaltender himself. Bona makes his living as a mask artist and also loves creating replica masks from the 1970s NHL era – and is even putting the finishing touches on a custom neck guard for Lehtonen (see below).

The first mask presented featured a green base to match the Stars new home uniforms and this one is its match with a white base for the new road uniforms. If you look closely though you’ll find some details that are not on the green lid. Bona noted in an email to InGoal, “Kari is a car enthusiast so he came up with the idea to fade some car tire marks on the design. I thought it would be a great idea to add a personal touch and at the same time honor to a local Gas Monkey Garage.”

Bona’s parents had their hands full apparently – raising not one, but two goaltenders in the family. His younger brother Joonas is also a former pro and now works as  goalie coach for for Jokerit Helsinki’s Jr-A team. Bona is thankful to have him on his business team as well, “He is my ‘design coordinator’ and usually goes through new designs and gives me good ideas and tips as he did on this one as well.”
To see more of Hallikainen’s fantastic work, visit his Facebook page or contact him directly via email.


Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask
Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask Backplate Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask Top Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask Front Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask Left Side Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask Right Front Kari Lehtonen Dallas Stars Mask Left Side

Lehtonen Dallas Stars Custom Neck Guard

Bona does more than paint masks – he is now finishing up this custom neck guard for Lehtonen.


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  1. Sudais

    That is great mask!!! Where is Reimer’s mask in 2013- 14!

  2. Ian Wotherspoon

    What an awesome design – excellent artmanship. I hand paint sport figures but I wouldn’t know the first thing about using an Airbrush but I have a friend who is an excellent Airbrush artist, but these guys and ladies who paint goalie masks are in a league of their own.

    I can’t wait until the season gets going so I can see some of these mask’s in person.

    Question: As the comment above me asked: Where is Reimer’s new mask? Is he going to have a new one painted? As well have you heard whether Anderson is going to have a new mask this year?


  3. js

    Is it me or all design have the same pattern …..?!
    but with the team logos and second logos ?!

    :- /


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