Montreal Canadiens backup sports tribute to soccer star


InGoal’s Scott Slingsby captured these images of Montreal’s Peter Budaj’s new helmet – a tribute to Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi who plays for FC Bercelona. As always of course, Ned Flanders finds his spot on the mask, this time heading a soccer ball tying in with the Messi theme creatively.

As with all the Budaj masks that InGoal has presented before, this one was created by his personal artist, Dave Gunnarsson of These include this season’s “Three Storms” helmet, as well as Colorado masks with Monsters, Inc. and racing legend Valentino Rossi. Flanders as our readers will know well, is Budaj’s nickname, earned for his strong Christian faith.

Budaj Montreal Masks-4

Scott Slingsby Image

Budaj Montreal Masks-4

Scott Slingsby Image

Budaj Montreal Masks-4

Scott Slingsby Image

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6 Responses to Argentine Soccer Star Lionel Messi on Peter Budaj’s New Mask

  1. Paul Szabo says:

    I think it is totally cool that both Habs goalies are Christian. Crosby scores, but Jesus saves!

  2. Jerry Lewis says:

    Does their religion really matter?

  3. The first soccer star and hockey goallie for the Habs was Gump Worseley who played center forward for the Hakoa team in Montreal and won the senior Canadian Championship.He was a great soccer player.

  4. Rob Bechard says:

    seems fitting for all those Ole’s

  5. cedrick says:

    moi je dit qui mette dustin tokaski zachary fucale et carey price on va avoir trois bon gardiens

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