Just moments ago Brian Elliott of the St. Louis Blues received his new helmet from Head Strong Grafx and we’re happy to be able to bring you the first official photos. In fact, Jason from Head Strong even sent along this quick shot of him on the ice now wearing it for the first time.

Check below for all the shots and the back story about the design and the men behind it.

Brian_Elliott Blues Goalie Mask 1Elliott has earned the backup role in St. Louis over towering 6’7″ Ben Bishop, thanks in part to the experience he brings to the role after career stops in Ottawa and Colorado. This morning Elliott took delivery of a new St. Louis Blues Mask, courtesy of Bauer and the guys at Head Strong Grafx.

Head Strong has only been in the business for a year, but they are quickly making a name for themselves. Earlier we brought the exclusive first shots of Jaroslav Halak’s helmet and the backplate tribute to Pavol Demitra created by Head Strong. It was brilliant work and a touching move on Halak’s part, and caused a real sensation.

Jason Livery from Headstrong shared a bit about what’s behind the design with InGoal earlier in the week:

“Brian wanted to keep his tradition and have Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles on his mask. He wanted somthing more custom and eye catching. He also requested that the mask was darker. He isn’t a fan of light colored backgrounds. “

And the backplate, traditionally reserved for the more personal images on a mask, has particular meaning to Elliott:

“Brian wanted to have his moose on there along with his native Ontario mentioned in the design. He also asked for his college Wisconsin logo added as well.”

And if you’re looking for some tough goalie trivia you now have Brian Elliot as the answer to “known for his skill as a moose caller.” The Moose has been with Elliott as a tribute to the late Owen Scott, a Champion Moose caller who taught him the skill.

The images come courtesy of artist Jason Livery from Head Strong Grafx, all rights reserved.



Brian_Elliott Blues Goalie Mask


Brian_Elliott Blues Goalie MaskBrian_Elliott Blues Goalie Mask




Brian_Elliott Blues Goalie Mask

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2 Responses to Brian Elliott St. Louis Blues Mask

  1. FlyersHottie says:

    This is so cute!

  2. cordale armour says:

    man i like the whole jason vorhees / casey jones theme it gives the fans a sense of seeing the blues fight for the championship

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