Goalie Carey Price MAsk by eyeCandyAirCarey Price didn’t want to start a new NHL season without a fresh new mask, so much like Henrik Lundqvist and Jaroslav Halak on Friday, the Montreal Canadiens star took delivery of a fresh lid the day before it started.

In need of a new look on short notice, Price turned to artist Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir , whose NHL client list includes defending Stanley Cup champion and Conn Smythe Trophy winner Jonathan Quick and his battle armour masks, as well as several others.

The mask wasn’t even shipped to Nash in Ontario until Monday, according to the story by Canadiens beat writer Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette, but after a couple late-night painting sessions it was ready to be shipped back to Montreal Thursday night.
Goalie Carey Price MAsk by eyeCandyAirUnlike some of Price’s past masks, the new look is simple and clean, relying on the strength of the Canadiens iconic logo and Nash’s ability to make it jump off his fibreglass canvas.

Price’s number 31, worked into the logo on the chin, is the only distinctively personal touch, a departure from Price’s past masks, though the outer “C” was also designed with a horseshoe appearance, a subtle nod to his cowboy roots.

Those previous looks – and there have been a lot for a goalie just entering his sixth NHL season – have included everything from the Grim Reaper riding a motorcycle, to a self-described creepy retro mask for the Heritage Classic, to charity masks that celebrated his native heritage, to images of his favourite summer past time, riding rodeo back in B.C..

Price even wore a John Wayne tribute mask that debuted on InGoal last season publicly for the first time in practice this week. And Swedish artist David Gunnarsson, who painted for Price for the first time late last season, shiny silver-trimmed, flamed-out look that debuted at InGoal, told us he has more masks coming for Price.

As you will see below, however, the mask to start this season is all about the Canadiens and their historic, iconic logo. Be sure to check out some of EyeCandyAir’s other great designs on InGoal, including an Iron Maiden Eddie mask for Chris Mason in Nashville that is easily among the best new looks of this season. And for more of Steve Nash’s great art, you can check out the official EyeCandyAir website, or follow them on Twitter, and Facebook.

Goalie Carey Price MAsk by eyeCandyAir

Goalie Carey Price MAsk by eyeCandyAir

Goalie Carey Price MAsk by eyeCandyAir


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7 Responses to Carey Price Highlights Iconic Canadiens Logo on New Mask

  1. Dan says:

    finally someone got it right excellent clean look that will look even better on the ice

    • Doug says:

      Dan is right on the money. Too many masks are way too complicated with soft-edged, airbrush-shaded images that are hard to make sense of from more than 5 feet away. But this mask is great—bold, sharp, large contrasting shapes and colors that will look terrific on the ice. Excellent work!

  2. Pat Roy says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Clean classic design that can be well discerned from the upper level seats. A great nod to my 33 in the Habs ‘C’ on the chin too…

    • Bolduc says:

      Yea kinda suprised they didnt mention that . The whole mask seemed ROY esk to me . wasnt there “C’s” in “C’s” on your mask too or was that Andy Moug?

  3. Paddy says:

    OMG! I am getting flashbacks of Andre “RED LIGHT” Racicot and his mask!!!!

  4. Dawson Irving says:

    Clean and classic….nicely done!