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Crawford Stadium Series Mask Bold and Blackhawks

Crawford Stadium Series Mask Bold and Blackhawks

Corey Crawford Stadium Series Mask left side

Corey Crawford has a new mask for the outdoor Stadium Series game at Soldier Field this weekend, and while he didn’t follow the lead of Pittsburgh Penguins counterpart Marc-Andre Fleury with an homage to the host Chicago Bears, it is stunning nonetheless.

Created by his longtime personal painter Stephane Bergeron of Griffe Airbrush in Quebec, who also did Fleury’s Pittsburgh Steeler’s inspired mask for the same game, Crawford stuck with iconic Chicago Blackhawks logos on his latest CCM mask.

Whether it’s the primary Native American “Indian Head” logo that sits atop each side, the secondary logo with tomahawks crossing a “C” on the forehead, of the racing stripes that lead to Crawford’s No. 50 on the chin, the new Stadium Series mask should be easily recognizable from even the furthest corners of Soldier Field on Saturday.

Bergeron, whose every day mask for Crawford contains a lot more detail close up, has also included a more subtle shaded “tomahawk and C” logo along the lower jaw line of Crawford’s new mask for the outdoor game.

For more great artwork from Bergeron, including the incredible Pittsburgh Steelers-themed mask he made for Fleury, please check out his Griff Airbrush website and his Facebook page. But first enjoy these close ups of Crawford’s new mask for the weekend:

Corey Crawford Stadium Series Mask left side

Corey Crawford Stadium Series Mask left side

Corey Crawford Stadium Series Mask center

Corey Crawford Stadium Series Mask (1 of 1)-3

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  1. B

    That is one of the worst pro mask paint jobs that I have seen. Not only does it look like the artist rushed to paint it with all of the white over spray, but the Blackhawks C emblem on the left side is backwards. Apparently they forgot to reverse the stencil or they are really that bad of an artist. Real lack of attention to detail, my high school mask is better and that was done almost twenty years ago.

    • Jocelyn C.

      Quite a comment from someone who’s probably never painted a mask !!
      No offense there ”B” , but the idea of reverse logos is purely a matter of symetry. Even the mains logos are reverse have u noted ??
      I agree it looks simple, but I believe this is the whole idea behind it. No fuss, no unnecessary details to it. I don’t call it an outstanding job, but good for the purpace.
      I do masks myself and I found out sometimes, the best designs are manytimes the simplest ones.


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