You might also enjoy seeing Ray Emery’s ducks mask as well as his gear.

Dan Ellis Anaheim Ducks Mask

Dave Gunnarsson of Daveart.com has just released his official photos of Dan Ellis’ new Anaheim Ducks mask.

Dave describes the mask himself:

Wow, the zoombie ducks occupy Anaheim…watch out! The top of the mask turns into a bodybag, and when the zipper opens up all the way to the chin, out from the bodybag comes a badass zoombie duck with a mask! His eyes are burning of madness!

More zoombie ducks shows up on each side of the mask…and these zoombies are really of a new kind, cause they can handle weapons…a hockey stick and a chain saw! Even the classic Ducks logo on the side has turned into a zoombie, check out the bloodshot eyes… Oh no, even the cute little rubber duck on the side has turned into a badass zoombie!

You might also enjoy seeing Ray Emery’s ducks mask as well as his gear.


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7 Responses to Dan Ellis Anaheim Ducks Mask

  1. Joshua Knopp says:



  2. Sven Kowalik says:

    Wow… this mask looks really cool.
    Hopefully he will play better than in Tampa Bay 😉

  3. Nick H. says:

    Very creative … love it! And yes, the Swedes pronounce zombies as zoombies. 😉

  4. RFleming says:

    I love the little rubber zombie duck on the chin!

  5. Matt in Montreal says:


    • abrahm sayvedra says:

      if you want worship death than I guess it’s okay, but this shows how retarded people are getting, and not being creative. Mental illness and love of killing, nice thing to teach kids, first movies, then video games, now take it to the sports stadiums. Yeah, really cool, more like stupid, as it is the sport gets a bad wrap for being violent. This kinds of stuff will help our reputation, right, thanks for nothing.

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