Fleury Steelers Helmet Mask Stadium Series-1-3Marc-Andre Fleury has been seen on the ice  in a Pittsburgh Steelers football helmet before – he wore one post-game after being announced as one of a game’s stars. But for the NHL Stadium Series this year he has taken a step closer to donning one for the entire game.

Fleury’s long-time artist Stephane Bergeron painted his newest CCM mask as a Steeler’s helmet for the game against the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday March 1st, which is appropriate since it will be held at Soldier Field, the historic home of the NFL’s Chicago Bears.

The new mask features a Penguins logo on the right side, but otherwise looks just like a helmet the Steelers would wear. And with Fleury’s face painted on the bottom of it – right down to his soul patch facial hair under the lower lip – it really should look like he is wearing he is wearing an NFL helmet.

Bergeron will have another helmet in the game as Blackhawks netminder Corey Crawford also has a new Griff Airbrush paint job on his CCM helmet.

For more great artwork from Stephane Bergeron, please check out his Griff Airbrush website and his Facebook page.

Fleury Steelers Helmet Mask Stadium Series-1-5

Fleury Steelers Helmet Mask Stadium Series-1-4

Fleury Steelers Helmet Mask Stadium Series-1-3

Fleury Stadium Series mask

Pittsburgh Penguins equipment manager Dana Heinz sent out a shot of Fleury’s accompanying Reebok pads and gloves on Wednesday through his Twitter account:

Fleury's Stadium Series Pads and Gloves


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12 Responses to Fleury’s Stadium Series Mask – a Steelers Helmet

  1. Warren Shapiro says:

    Nice mask maybe the “Steelers ” quarterback might want to use the mask. Whats next the “Pirates” catcher might want to use it but put a Pirate on the side. I thought hockey was the sport we are talking about I guess all sports are jealous that hockey is so artistic. I always thought hockey players are so talented.

  2. BeninLondon says:

    I hope they put Polamalu style hair coming out of the backplate

  3. Paul Dunn says:

    I like it but I would’ve left off the Penguins logo altogether

  4. jim says:

    I like these simpler, illusion of a face/mask/helmet type paint (Cheever’s, Plante, toque) where you don’t have to look up close at all the cool stuff, that makes it too busy. Should be easy to see from away.

  5. Bill Jensen says:

    I concur on the Polamalu comment. But he would have to leap over goal to fully resemble the great safety in action…

  6. andrew sybinsky says:

    I know Pen have own identity…would have been GREAT marketing for jerseys to have steeler look w arm band stripes and all. Would $$ ell OUT

  7. Tony says:

    I think the mask is great , go Pittsburgh

  8. mark says:

    I love it!! Even as I Philly guy I have to admit I think this is awesome!! I actually like pittsburgh, except the pens (too much of a rival for flyers). Great city, great fans. Hope they whoop up on the hawks!

  9. MomTini says:

    Yet, another reason to love “the flower.” LET’S GO PENS! (yinz are awesome.)

  10. Emmet Larson says:

    This helmet is pretty sick. Not a big fan of the pads.

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