Daveart takes Rangers Vezina winning Goalie’s artwork to a new level with “Medussa’s Quest”


Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Mask 2012-13Henrik Lundqvist has one of the most striking designs on his helmet in the league, one that is at once a perfect symbol for the only team he has ever played for, while becoming a personal design that could only ever be associated with one goaltender.

Once again this season Dave Gunnarsson of Daveart.com has raised the bar on his original piece, taking Lundqvist’s design to another level.

“The design is in the same Hank style as me and Henrik have evolved through the years,” wrote Gunnarsson,  “but something new…Just as usual the Statue of Liberty logo shows up on the mask, but the statue wakes up and the crown grows all over the top like snakes, just like the hair of Medusa turns into snakes in the old Greek mythology. It is a perfect myth for a goalie, the one that dared to look into Medusa´s eyes was turned into a stone…”

While based on his previous Rangers’ helmets, this one also borrows from the past, as Gunnarsson noted, “…this new design is inspired from one of the early Frölunda masks me and Henrik did around 10 years ago. Then we created the feathers of the Frölunda indian as they grow up on the top all over the mask with cool 3D effects.”

Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Mask 2012-13

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Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Mask 2012-13


Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Mask 2012-13

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