Dave Gunnarsson has long been Henrik Lundqvist’s personal artist, creating some of the most impressive masks in the NHL for the Rangers’ star. Gunnarsson has created a new Winter Classic themed helmet for Lundqvist to wear on January 2 vs. the Philadelphia Flyers. As always, the design  more strongly reflects the team, than their star goaltender, something that is old-school itself, although it includes the 30 inside a crown logo Gunnarsson uses on all his masks for Lundqvist, this time on the chin. The design is thoroughly modern but done in a way to appear like it is an old helmet. If you look closely you’ll even see he has painted on rust around the screws holding the cage on, and there are puck marks and scrapes on the design – all signs of aging, sealed inside a clear coat to protect them.


Henrik Lundqvist Winter Classic Mask


Henrik Lundqvist Winter Classic Mask


Henrik Lundqvist Winter Classic Mask

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12 Responses to Henrik Lundqvist’s Winter Classic Mask

  1. BeninLondon says:

    I like the idea and detail of the rust spots and scratches, not something you see too often if ever. Great overall look for sure

  2. Justin says:

    Honestly, the rust on the screws is my favourite part of the mask by a mile.

  3. Joe from Chicago says:

    Such…detail…hurts my unskilled artist eyes…:D

  4. Dawn says:

    Looks like a bunch of sticker’s,did the local sign guy slap this together? Meh!

  5. Paul Szabo says:

    If you guys like rusty screws, I’ve got an old mask laying around here that I can sell for 500 bucks..! 😉

  6. James says:

    Its a beautifully painted mask for sure- but I would like to have seen the artist break the mold a little and do something as a bit of a departure from his normal style. I’m a big admirer of the art of mask painters and Daveart have taken it to another level with their masks- but for me- to create a mask for the Winter Classic is so rare it would have been the opportunity to really break away from his normal style- just my humble opinion.

  7. Matt says:

    Amateur looking in comparison to Bryzgalov’s.

  8. aaron halvorsen says:


  9. Mike Bogs says:

    daveart design is hands down the best painter out there

  10. jack says:

    I think that it’s a design that seems simple, but it does have lots of detail hidden in it which I love so overall an awesome mask.

  11. Butch says:

    Rather boring and Plain Looking. For a team and city that is rich with history. What can I say “Then it fits him.”

  12. David says:

    Id like to buy this one as well

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