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Howard Ready to Roar In Awesome Lion Mask

Howard Ready to Roar In Awesome Lion Mask

howard3Detroit’s Jimmy Howard is ready to roar back in to action this season, sporting an awesome new lion mask design.

“It’s a combination of a little of last years mask with a new twist by adding a nasty lion in to the mix!” Ray Bishop of Bishop Design told InGoal. “Howie really liked what we came up with last year, and we almost did the same thing again, until I sent him a quick sketch of something I cooked up incorporating a lion with the wings he liked from the last design.”

Howard’s sleek design of last season may have laid the foundations for this years look, but the Syracuse native’s lion tattoo provided Bishop with the inspiration to take things up a notch.

“When he saw the rough sketch, he liked it so much that he wanted to give something new a try, and here we are…” Bishop said.

Howard has worked with Bishop on a range of cool designs in the past, including special masks for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Christmas and the 2014 Winter Olympics.

“I truly enjoy working with Jimmy, he is a first class guy,” Bishop continued. “He is great with giving me a bit of an idea and then letting me run with it to bring the design together, which makes the entire process more fun!”

Howard’s new mask sees the lion design dominate the front and crown of the mask, with the iconic Red Wings’ wings spread across either side of the Vaughan mask. The lion’s glittering red eyes are particularly striking, offering not only a neat touch for fans, but a sinister one for opponents.

The calligraphic D logo is carried over from Howard’s previous mask, but has been moved down to sit on the right hand corner of the mask, with Howard’s #35 on the corresponding side.

The back plate remains unchanged, ensuring the University of Maine alumnus’s nod to Detroit’s rich history is retained, with the teams formation date, 1926, and retired numbers still on display.

You can visit Bishop Design’s website, follow Ray and Co. on Twitter and Instagram, and like his Facebook page. In the meantime, enjoy these close ups of Howard’s brilliant new mask:









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