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James Reimer’s New Optimus Reim Mask

James Reimer’s New Optimus Reim Mask

DSC_4More than meets the Eye - The Blueprint of Optimus Reim-Part2_m


The Blueprint of Optimus Reim Part 2

Optimus Reim has become a fixture now in Leaf goaltender James Reimer’s helmet designs and his latest from the most prolific artist in the game, Dave Gunnarsson of is no exception. Though many fans will appreciate that the Leaf theme remains the focus for the man battling for time in the crease this season with newcomer Jonathan Bernier – also a customer of Daveart.

On the new design, Gunnarsson writes:

“This idea I came up with when my sons played with their Transformers toys. Reimers’s last mask was such a success that we felt we had to do a continuation of that mask…We dig even deeper into the art of #TorontoMapleLeafs. I came up with a design solution that creates an old school Leafs look on a distance. The classic flames is there just as on a certain truck…
And when you come closer the mask transforms completely into something else, it transforms into the blueprint on how Optimus Reim is built.”

He also loves to create art where the imagery is layered and the closer you look, there more you will see. In this mask Gunnarsson notes, “… you will also find the Toronto skyline. The electrical lightnings all over the mask describes the electrical feeling James has when he enters the ice in the arena.”
DSC_4More than meets the Eye - The Blueprint of Optimus Reim-Part2_m DSC_2More than meets the Eye - The Blueprint of Optimus Reim-Part2_m DSC_3More than meets the Eye - The Blueprint of Optimus Reim-Part2_m



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  1. Sudais

    I love this!!! GO Optimus Reim

  2. E.B.

    Look out! Here comes Megatrask!

  3. jeff

    I think you should bring Ron and Don back.


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