Jaro Halak Blues Goalie Mask-3Jaroslav Halak took delivery of his new St. Louis Blues mask on the eve of the regular season Friday and InGoal has the first look at the new lid.

The images come courtesy of the mask’s artist, Jason Livery of HeadStrong Grafx, who said the mask was “all Jaro’s ideas,” and designed to play off Halak’s new Brian’s pads that debuted on InGoal this week.

“He wanted a Blues note under the tears on one side and on the other he wanted little magical notes falling out of the tears,” Livery said, noting the backplate features the Slovakian flag. “So based on his description that’s what we came up with. I don’t know of any signifigance to the design ideas. I do know I haven’t seen anything done like this mask before.”

The images of Halak’s new mask below come courtesy of Livery, and all rights are reserved. Be sure to check out more of his work on the HeadStrong Grafx website, as well as on Twitter, and on FaceBook.

A number of his paint jobs have also been featured prominently here at InGoal, including Brian Elliott’s new mask for this season, which featured Casey Jones of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame breaking the chains of the NHL lockout, and Halak’s touching tribute to fallen former Slovakian teammate Pavol Demitra on the backplate of last season’s mask.

In the meantime, enjoy Halak’s unique and striking new Blues’ mask:

Jaro Halak Blues Goalie Mask-3

Jaro Halak Blues Goalie Mask-3

Jaro Halak Blues Goalie Mask-3

Jaroslav Halak New Blues Mask

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3 Responses to Halak’s New St. Louis Mask Features Unique Take on Blues Logos

  1. Sven says:

    Absolutely cool!
    My favorite so far this season – besides Lundys mask

  2. Dan says:

    not bad overall, better than rask’s at least

  3. Mike says:

    Since it can’t have a label like Lundy’s and Price’s, maybe mention it is a Warwick.
    Also, notice the clips on price’s cage are reversed, I’ve never seen that before. No clips on the forehead, which I think is just an aesthetic choice, but I always wondered about how the clip placement and number were determined.
    (yea, pretty minor detail, but that’s what a goalie website is for!)