Johan Hedbeg Moose Dentures Goal Mask

Dude, Where’s my Dentures?

With the New Jersey Devils re-signing Martin Brodeur and Johan Hedberg this summer to two-year deals, already the league’s most experienced tandem, the Devils put themselves into position to enter the 2013 campaign with two 40–year old goaltenders. While there were other ‘keepers available, clearly New Jersey was comfortable bringing Hedberg back in support of their future hall of famer Martin Brodeur. Arguably one of the best pure backups backups in in the game – a great teammate, who can sit for long periods of time and come prepared on the rare game Brodeur takes off – New Jersey rewarded Hedberg generously with $1.4M in each of the two years on his deal.

The locker-room jokes about senior citizens between the pipes are sure to be flying, so what does Hedberg put on his mask? A little self-deprecating humour of course.

Hedberg’s long-time painter, Dave Gunnarsson of┬ásays, “The Moose is more wise and experienced than ever…” The Moose, of course, is Hedberg’s nickname and his masks always have a prominent Moose as a focal point. This season Gunnarsson had a little fun with him. “Check him out, now he wears thick glasses, and he has a beard…and he has lost his cane there somewhere… And he has also lost all his teeth except one, and can you see what he is looking for, he has lost his dentures…Can you help him and find them there somewhere on his mask?”

That’s right, amongst the striking Devils themes, and a playful old-age Moose, he’s left a pair of dentures on there somewhere. Gunnarsson calls this mask “Dude, where’s my dentures?” Can you find them?

Johan Hedbeg Moose Dentures Goal Mask


Johan Hedbeg Moose Dentures Goal Mask


Johan Hedbeg Moose Dentures Goal Mask

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2 Responses to Johan Hedberg’s New Jersey Devils Moose 2012-2013

  1. Tony says:

    I’ve never seen a moose with cow horns before…

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