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Jonathan Bernier’s New Toronto Maple Leafs Mask

Jonathan Bernier’s New Toronto Maple Leafs Mask

Toronto Jonathan Bernier Leafs Goalie MaskJonathan Bernier was all smiles as he donned original-six blue for the first time and debuted his new Toronto Maple Leafs mask – as well as a new set of retro-themed pads – at the Reebok CCM Goalie Summit in Montreal. Painted once again by popular Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, Bernier maintained the dominant Lion image atop his mask – he is a Leo and has the same design featured prominently atop a large tattoo that now covers an entire arm – from his days with the Los Angeles Kings. “I had a good conversation with DaveArt,” Bernier said. “We’ve always had the Lion on top for my sign and he wanted to keep it. He said ‘that’s you and we need to keep that even if you are in Toronto,’ and I agreed and  we just added the Leafs logo on the side – old school – with a bunch of small logos in the shading on the side just like he did with my L.A. helmet. It’s pretty much the same. We just switched the colours and logos.” The palm trees along the jaw line have been replaced by small Leafs logos, and Bernier’s No.45 remains stands out a little more on the chin atop a maple leaf, but he left little doubt he was coming to Toronto to try and take the No.1 job from James Reimer, something that has been a consistent theme since he was traded out from under the shadow of Jonathan Quick in Los Angeles. “I just want to go in there and be confident and act like I am the No.1 guy,” Bernier said. Look for more from Bernier on his summer practice routine, as well as some on-ice video, and more insights into the new CCM mask he has been wearing since last season (Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Corey Crawford and Marc Andre Fleury have all switched too) in future articles here at InGoal. In the meantime, enjoy his new mask from DaveArt, which includes praying hands on the backplate and initials of friends and family he has lost on the inside of the chin. “That is for all the people that I think about before the game, and there are names inside of people that passed away and I always think about them before a game,” Bernier said.

Toronto Jonathan Bernier Leafs Goalie Mask    

Toronto Jonathan Bernier Leafs Goalie Mask-7

Toronto Jonathan Bernier Leafs Goalie Mask

Toronto Jonathan Bernier Leafs Goalie Mask

Toronto Jonathan Bernier Leafs Goalie Mask

Toronto Jonathan Bernier Leafs Goalie Mask    

Jonathan Bernier Toronto Maple Leafs MAsk and Gear-13

Jonathan Bernier Toronto Maple Leafs MAsk and Gear-11

Jonathan Bernier Toronto Maple Leafs MAsk and Gear-10

Jonathan Bernier Toronto Maple Leafs MAsk and Gear-9

Jonathan Bernier Toronto Maple Leafs MAsk and Gear-8

Jonathan Bernier Toronto Maple Leafs MAsk and Gear-12

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Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Kathy

    Bernier was fantastic when he was here in LA, and we wish him all the best in Toronto. Love the new mask.

  2. Clem4135

    DDDDDAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNN…….Amazing looking mask

  3. Doug

    Now Jiggy this is a great painted mask. I would sue the clown for painting that “yeti” ???????

  4. Jamie

    Great classic looking mask. Can hardly wait to watch Bernier play…

  5. Brad

    I like it! I used to always love when goalies kept the same design for each team they played for and just swapped the colors (ie. Ed Belfour, Curtis Joseph, Felix Potvin) so I’m glad to see Bernier is keeping the lion.

    • Thomas Wallander

      Agree brad, and the ones you mentioned were all amazing goalies, still have my money on optimus though

  6. James

    Why more religious stuff on the back? Have faith in yourself Jonathan!

    • Paul Ipolito

      I would absolutely go with as much religious “stuff” as possible- remember that he is going into the Goaltender’s Valley of Death known as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. I would even suggest filling the bottle with holy water and having the pads blessed before the season. As a Leaf fan of 50+ years I have seen this movie too many times.

      • James


  7. Sudais

    This is great job in Leafs! James Reimer will take new mask in 2013-2014?

  8. Harrycole Bobneal

    I certainly like the white cage – it stands out more than cages that are painted. I’m not a fan of the 45 on the bottom though. Looks too cartoonish. I prefer masks with white cages and simple, sleek/artsy designs. Mikka Kiprusoff and Henrik Lundqvist are the benchmarks for great masks, IMO. I also liked Scrivens’ mask when his cage was white. Some of the chrome cages ok too. I also like Lehner, Crawford, Fasth, Vokoun, Holtby.

  9. js

    He kept the Lion from LA …. looks like he’s not happy to be a leafs… who would ?!


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