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Jonathan Quick’s New Retro LA Kings Mask for 2011-2012

Jonathan Quick’s New Retro LA Kings Mask for 2011-2012

Just as he did last season, the LA Kings’ Jonathan Quick will be wearing a “retro” mask when the Kings don their alternate uniforms. The Kings were so pleased with last years model that they ordered two masks this year – one for Quick to use and one for the organization to keep. As you can see in the photos InGoal took last season (below), this year’s model is essentially the same as the one Quick debuted in Vancouver, complete with old school brown leather gear.

Quick’s masks, including the new game mask for the 2011-2012 season published yesterday are painted by Steve Nash of on a Sportmask Pro Custom mask. Nash enjoys creating retro masks as much as any he paints, telling InGoal,

“This mask was a real pleasure for me to paint because I’m a huge fan of retro masks and paint schemes.  I love that they were clean and simple and you could really see them from the stands.  It was a lot of fun to put a modern spin on a classic design.”

And for more of Nash’s fantastic work please follow @eyecandyair on Twitter and “like” their Facebook page today. You can also click on the pictures to go direct to their Quick page.

Jonathan Quick LA Kings Retro Mask by Eyecandyair


Jonathan Quick Retro Vachon Goalie Mask and Gear

Quick first wore his retro mask last season in a game vs. Vancouver. InGoal photo.

LA Kings Jonathan Quick Retro Goalie mask by

LA Kings Jonathan Quick Retro Goalie mask by eyecandyair.comLA Kings Jonathan Quick Retro Goalie mask by



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  1. This design idea is getting way old.

  2. LOL the ears being there is so weird! Im not a big fan, Bernier’s homage to Kelly Hrudeys ‘Hollywood’ mask is MUCH better.

  3. It’s a tribute to Rogie Vachon.


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