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Joonas Korpisalo brings Columbus Cannon into focus with new mask

Last season, Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Joonas Korpisalo had an AHL-centric mask, with the Lake Erie ‘Monster’ featured on either sides of the design.

This year, though, he’s paying homage to the big club – or, at least, to one of their quirkiest attributes.

Korpisalo mask 1

This new mask, designed by Sylvie Marsolais of SylaBrush, has every Columbus fan’s favorite- and every opposing team’s media members’ least favorite – Blue Jackets icon featured prominently on the side: the Columbus Cannon.

“Joonas wanted a cannon on his mask,” Marsolais told InGoal, “and he wanted the cannon to throw some stars towards the top of the mask.”
So a cannon he got – one for each side of the mask, going off to help decorate the rest of the mask in a star-spangled theme.
The mask has an almost Captain America theme to it, with player-requested bold stripes dividing the three concepts on the mask (the stars, the cannon, and the blue jacket soldier) into a star-spangled piece of art. Another set of stripes heads from the top of the mask down through the center and into the chin, done in a darker blue than the rest of the concept.
The design also has his nickname, Korpi, written in metallic silver along the chin of the mask to complete the design.
Here’s a better look at the different angles of the new mask:
unnamed (1)
unnamed (2)unnamed (3)
unnamed (4)
For more of Marsolais’ excellent designs, check out her official website or her Twitter account

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