For Kari Lehtonen’s new mask after being obtained by the Dallas Stars, Dave Gunnarson produced a remarkable Clint Eastwood tribute – some incredible photorealistic work.

Kari Lehtonen Dallas Start Eastwood MAsk

Daveart tells it best:

“The whole design is created as an old fashion film poster for a cowboy film. On one side we see Mr Eastwood motifs created in sepia look and golden tints, one with a young Clint and one with a slightly older. The design is created with a fantastic depth, strongly inspired by Eastwood’s films, in particular the great film Unforgiven.

The golden base changes into green as we take a look at the other side, where the Dallas Stars logo makes its mark and creates a cool look to the whole. On this side you can also see a motif of Clint with an ox whip, just like in the film, painted with old school oil paint tech.

Kari Lehtonen Dallas Start Eastwood MAsk

The final touch that makes the design complete and creates a new smashing hit design for Lehtonen is the addition of the bullet holes here and there. A design with extreme detail work created with freehand airbrush technique.”

The great artwork is courtesy of inGoal Magazine friend Dave Gunnarsson. Check out all of Dave’s great work at

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(Images copyright and courtesy of Dave Gunarsson, All Rights Reserved)

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4 Responses to Kari Lehtonen’s New Dallas Stars Mask a Clint Eastwood Tribute

  1. ShogiBear says:

    I love it! super unique

  2. Jason Power says:

    That’s why David is the best!!!


  4. Joe Bhikram says:

    Please , can I send you my storires of life after death.? I live in Toronto, Canada. Disabled due to brain damage- saw Jesus Christ in 2005, was in heaven twice, saw my dead ma…..
    I will like to contact Clint East wood, please… phone is 416-410-0657.

    Thank you…..

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