Here it is, direct from artist Stephane Bergeron – Team Canada’s goalie Marc-Andre Fleury’s Olympic Mask! I love this one for its detail and for it’s great imagery. The only question of course – will we see it in a game? Many say Fleury has been the best of Canada’s goalies recently, but everyone still expects the coaches to go with Brodeur and Luongo.

MArc-Andre Fleury Team Canada Olympic Mask

Fleury’s masks are painted by inGoal friend Stephane Bergeron of LaGriffe Originale.

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5 Responses to Marc-Andre Fleury’s Team Canada Olympic Mask

  1. Wow… that’s so cool!

  2. Richard says:

    It’s ok, I’d like it to be more hockey related…

  3. François says:

    There are beautiful olympics Vancouver 2010 masks, but i will want to have the Jaroslav Halak Team Slovaquia mask pics ! Someone have this pics ?

    Thanks very much !

  4. Potenza says:

    Sweet mask, better than his new Pens mask in IMHO

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