Brodeur Stadium Series Mask 3The New Jersey Devils will be bringing back their original red uniforms with green accents for the Stadium Series game vs. the New York Rangers on January 26th.

The green accents were on the Devils uniforms for the first ten years of the franchise’s history and along with the uniforms will also be seen on Martin Brodeur’s mask for the game, painted once again by artist Sylvie Poitras of Airbrush Zap. Poitras, who added Brodeur’s bulldogs to his now iconic design for the 2013-14 season, has again built on his traditional theme. The curved matching flames on the sides bear the green accents while the black base of the mask is now frozen black ice with textures and micro-fractures added.

Poitras has included full-sized pictures below, but don’t forget to check out some of her other paint jobs for Brodeur, including some great in-action close ups of last year’s mask, which kept his personal tributes on the backplate, as well as the retro St. Patrick’s Day mask, and his 2010 Team Canada Olympic mask. And for more of her great artwork, visit her website at

Brodeur Stadium Series Mask 2 Brodeur Stadium Series Mask 2 Brodeur Stadium Series Mask 2

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5 Responses to Martin Brodeur’s Mask for the 2014 Stadium Series

  1. Warren Shapiro says:

    I feel that it (mask) is nothing special and it’s a classic logo on a mask with original colors. Brodeur is a classy goalie any way. This year can be his swan song however. I hope not if so, he would be an excellent coach. It’s too bad that his father couldn’t see this classic game. He could of had classy pictures of his son. So Martin make that save and block that puck.

  2. Fred says:

    Another pieces of history made by Sylvie Poitras!

  3. Ian Wotherspoon Phoenix says:

    I somewhat agree with what Warren said about Brodeur’s new mask but I would add that its another great example of Sylvie Poitras’ amazing talent. I personally like the touch of green because it makes the “classic logo” more noticeable and i believe that’s a good thing. I also like the B/W touch as it makes the rest of the mask stand out and the way his initials are deep into the mask but they are noticeable. All in all I really like it.

    Martin has been my favourite goalie for many years and I beleive he’s the only goalie left who plays “Old School” along with everything that has come along since he joined the NHL. Every once in awhile Brodeur will do a 2-Pad Slide and on occasion you might even see a “Skate Save” and those are two of the great saves from the past when executed they are something wonderful to see. I hope Brodeur has one more year left in him but, if he does decide to hang up his equipment for the last time after his last game all I can say is I saw one of the greatest goalies ever to play the game and all I can say is thank you Martin for all those great games, the goals scored and for showing many of us how the position of goaltender is played.

    Btw, I love the mask and I beleive your dad would’ve too and I feel that he will be watching from above.

  4. Ian Wotherspoon says:

    I just want to make one thing straight, my name is as follows:
    Ian Wotherspoon. There isn’t suppose to be “Phoenix” on the end and I don’t know how it got there other than a phantom person.


  5. Jordan says:

    LOL Martys pads might be classy bu he is deff not a classy person . My idle growing up btw . Mask looks good futureized

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