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Martin Brodeur’s Team Canada Olympic Mask – The Real Thing!

Previously we reported on Brodeur’s Olympic Mask – but that design had to be redone. Tonight we can show you the final design as complete by artist Sylvie Poitras of As I understand it, the original design contained elements that would not be approved for use in the Olympics – you may have noticed in the first women’s game last night the Slovakian goaltender had stickers covering several portions of her mask.

So after redoing the design, Sylvie has come up with this great design. Click on one of the photos to go and visit the full set of shots in Sylvie’s site.

MArtin Brodeur Olympic Mask Marin Broder Olympic Mask Martin Brodeur Olympic MAsk

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1 day ago
Scary close call for



Scary close call for Winnipeg Jets Connor Hellebuyck as teammate’s stick blade got through his cage + cut him near eye; interestingly amid the debate about cat-eye cages, which are banned in Canada, the blade actually appears to go in under the lower bar of the cat-eye opening. Frankly it’s hard to see why that gap, which does nothing to help vision, needs to be big enough for a blade to get through, as unlikely as this incident might be.

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