Dave Gunnarsson has created a new gargoyle design on a Warwick mask for Marty Turco, who signed a late-season contract with the Boston Bruins after regular backup Tuukka Rask was injured.

InGoal has a quick look from warm-up just a few minutes ago, courtesy of Scott Slingsby. The gargoyle theme is nothing new for Turco, who spent the second half of this season in Austria after failing to find an NHL job, and isn’t eligible to play for Boston in the playoffs because he signed after the trade deadline.

The look, which now compliments his squint-worthy bright yellow gear, has altered slightly over the years. But like the Gary Warwick model he continues to wear, Turco has always said Gargoyles would remain a constant on his masks.

“It’s the gatekeeper, the net protector,” Turco, who has also included the names of his daughters, Haley and Kathy, scrolled subtely into the wall the gargoyle sits on, once told InGoal. “So metaphorically it makes sense and people seem to like it so it’s the only thing I’ve ever had on my mask and it’s the one I’ll keep until I hang ‘em up.”

That could be as soon as next season. Of course, some thought he was done already. For now just enjoy Turco’s new look (and after you are done looking, check out last season’s Ask a Pro with Turco, who talks about working with Reebok’s Michel Lefevre to design the “Turco break” with two breaks on the outer roll, and the feature on how he changed puck handling while experimenting in college):

Marty Turco Boston Bruins Mask and Gear-1

Scott Slingsby Images, All Rights Reserved

Marty Turco Boston Bruins Mask and Gear-1

Marty Turco Boston Bruins Mask and Gear-1

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24 Responses to Marty Turco’s New Boston Bruins Mask and Gear

  1. Shane says:

    Is the mask a Hackva? I really never liked Reebok gear, but the P4’s are sharp!

  2. Mark says:

    Vaughn gloves with Reebok P4’s?

  3. Dixon says:

    Even Marc Andre Fleury was a sieve with yellow gear.
    Poor choice, Turco.

  4. alex says:

    I love the yellow gargoyle, not so much the yellow cat piss p4’s and gloves.

  5. CraigP says:

    With only a matter of days left in his season, what’s the point of receiving an breaking in new equipment?? Sure, it’s nice to match colors etc, but unless he’s resigning w Boston next year (which may be plausible w Thomas’ play)… Whats the point? Other than just adding to his collection of gear

  6. Doug says:

    These guys get a check for wearing that gear, from each company..Money whores thats why!

    • @Doug while you are right that some guys get paid to wear gear that is not the case with all of them. Take Cory Schneider of Vancouver who, when we asked him about wearing Reebok gloves with Vaughn pads and why he wouldn’t want to be sponsored for wearing one company’s gear, told us that he’ll always get paid more for stopping pucks than looking good doing so. He knows what’s most important and a lot of other guys wearing multiple brands of gear do as well…possibly Marty Turco included, who I seriously doubt would get paid to wear a particular brand to play as a backup for a few weeks.

  7. Carl Zellner says:

    Wonder if he would be willing to sell it at the end of the season. Like it alot.

  8. Richard Harris says:

    What’s the point of the new gear? I’ll tell you…he has access to all the free gear he wants so why not? I agree that I don’t like the yellow but if Reebok gave it to ME I wouldn’t give it back!

    Rask and Thomas can’t be together for another year. I would think Thomas will be traded. Tampa Bay maybe? I’m sure Turco is taking this as an audition to back up in Boston hopefully next year

  9. paul szabo says:

    I myself will give a thumbs up to the yellow gear. Fleury should never have changed his. but then again, I once wore an fluo orange set 😉

  10. Tim says:

    What kind of Vaughn Trapper is this?

  11. Shane says:

    Thanks David for the update.

  12. Jen says:

    Would as many people be talking about him if he didn’t wear the bright yellow gear?

  13. big z says:

    blows my world!

  14. big z says:

    i think the glove is the new vaughn vision.

  15. delta says:

    i dont care what anyone else says….the yellow pads are sick. it balances the home jersey perfectly. the only other color i would have done was all-black pads, but i think the gold (“yellow” if you aren’t a bruins fan)fits the uniform perfectly.


  16. alex says:

    What’s more interesting is what are the new pads that Thomas is wearing?

  17. Riley says:

    Turco always has to have those flashy and showy pads :)

  18. DTex89 says:

    This could be Marty Turco’s last run in the NHL and he knows it. It has to feel nice to be signed, even if it’s this late, by an original six team that’s going into the playoffs. If I were in his position, I would have done the same.

  19. Patty says:

    why the new gear??? why not i call it fringe benefit of playing in the nhl..he is getting a pro-rated contract for the last month why not get a new set of gear.

    Now if Boston didnt allow him too then that would be saying something, either way turco deserves it for always being a definative goalie….takes it all in stride and shows up to play no matter what

  20. richii says:

    Turco is a beast, deserves a cup. His pads are unique like him, allwhite pads that every goalie now wears is gettng played out. he can still play.

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