Mathieu Garon’s new Reebok mask was painted by Artist Sylvie Poitras who also painted Garon’s first mask this season ( check out the link for some great InGoal game photography by Scott Slingsby), as well as New Jersey Devil’s legend Martin Brodeur’s.

Mathieu Garon Tampa Bay Lightning Mask


A strong design that will be visible from afar, it also follows a recent trend of incorporating subtle details and textures for this lucky enough to get a close look at the helmet.

Mathieu Garon Tampa Bay Lightning Mask


Mathieu Garon Tampa Bay Lightning Mask


Mathieu Garon Tampa Bay Lightning Mask

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5 Responses to Mathieu Garon’s New Tampa Bay Lightning Mask

  1. Iggy says:

    Wow, the attention to detail and the little additions make this mask. I dig the dolphins, one is almost saying “So long and thanks for the fish.”

  2. Matt in Montreal says:

    Oh yea, that’s nice!

  3. Paul Ipolito says:

    The way he has been playing this might be a parting gift from the Lightning.

  4. Paul says:

    simplicity yet detailed. He gets it – from the stands you can see the general shape and up close you get more details. Nice.

  5. question3 says:

    Sometimes I think mask designers forget about the rest of the gear that goalies wear and how important it is to envision that.

    This maks shows that the artist didn’t forget. Another textbook mask that air brush artists should be studying.

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