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You may enjoy this original interview with Carey Price and Alex Auld for InGoal buy CBC Montreal reporter Michel Godbout.

Mike Vernon will be sporting a tribute to the ’89 Flames Cup winners in the alumni game at this weekend’s heritage classic, thanks to David Arrigo who sent us the exclusive first photos recently.

Let us know what you think in the comments and drop by David’s web site to see more of his great work.


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4 Responses to Mike Vernon Heritage Classic Mask

  1. Too bad it’s the flames… can’t endorse or enjoy it due to being a Canuck fan. 😉

  2. Tracy Hoffmann says:

    I think it is very fitting for vernon to wear a mask that pays a tribute to his team that won the cup in 1989. Go Flames Go!

  3. tons care says:

    looks like a lot of people care and sorry to hear ya a canucks fan hows that lame ass burrows hope he breaks a leg oh wait he did Mikko Koivu’s canucks are having the luck of the year season break a leg

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