Jet’s Goalie to wear Canadian Air Force Tribute

Pavelec Jets Mask poster

Dave Gunnarsson of has created an incredible new mask for Ondrej Pavelec, the Winnipeg Jets starting goaltender for their re-incarnation this season. Gunnarsson has taken the Jets’ logo and colours and the Jets theme to create this amazing tribute to Canada’s Air Force. On the chin we find one of the most unique aspects of the design – playing on artwork seen on the nose of planes, in particular during the WWII era.

If you’re a Jets’ fan and haven’t yet seen it, one of the most popular masks here at InGoal this summer was – Pavelec’s teammate Chris Mason’s Iron Maiden themed mask.


Pavelec Jets Mask right


Pavelec Jets Mask left

Gunnarson himself writes of the design,

“The design Ondrej and I came up with is a tribute to the Canadian Airforce, built on the team logos. The wings spread out on each side in a powerful way, and everything is created with strong contrasts to make it look good from a distance.”

“The chin of the mask transforms into an old school fighter jet front with its special classic painting with eyes and teeth. A cool detail that spices up the old school design and makes the mask feels like Jets to a 100%. The design is made to fit the uniform with its clean and traditional look. And of course a lot of details, 3-D effects and DAVEART Holographix FX.”

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7 Responses to Ondrej Pavelec’s new Winnipeg Jets mask

  1. Nick H. says:

    Very sharp!

  2. Danny says:

    I dig it.

  3. Matt in Montreal says:

    Now that is awesome!

    Can’t wait to buy the mini-mask version.

  4. JS says:

    Way to busy !!!
    They should have only used the “wing parts” of the ugly alternate logo on the sides of the masks …. I like the bottom with the nose of a jet. 6.5/10

  5. ren danielson says:

    id say HO HUM…….

  6. Kari says:

    I thought there were peoples faces on the one he was wearing last night?

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