Daveart creates new PredGoalie mask – “Hardcorelicious”

Uber-Creative artist Dave Gunnarsson took the “retro” mask look to a completely new level last season with his PredGoalie mask for Nashville’s Pekka Rinne. Featuring a ferocious beast wearing a stitched together old-school mask, this one was a huge hit and as original as they come. Rinne and Gunnarsson know when they have a good thing and have taken last year’s design and tweaked it a bit for the coming season.

Gunarsson writes,

This year’s design is a continuation of last year’s, but now even more wild and mad… So we named it Hardcorelicious PredGoalie…and I cannot tell you enough how fun I had creating it! :-) It’s created in the new Predators colors, with more blue and yellow. The Predator goalie is a real badass goalie, he has lost a tooth, and he also has a tongue piercing…and his brain is showing! He has tried to fix his mask using all possible tricks, staples, needle and wire, and band-aid again of course…

For comparision, here it is with last year’s model:

2010-2011 2011-2012
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4 Responses to Pekka Rinne 2011-2012 Predators Mask

  1. Matt in Montreal says:

    One of a kind.

    I’d wear that cooking!

  2. Danny says:

    This was easily my pick as “mask of the year” last year. So how can I not love the new one. Pekka Rinne not gustavsson should be called “the Monster”.

  3. This is how masks should look! This or old buckets. Where are the Sharkbite Helmets of old!? Bring those back!

  4. Leigh says:


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